MontanaBlack on gamescom: “People are like in a trance”, accuses viewers

MontanaBlack on gamescom: "People are like in a trance", accuses viewers

if Social Media Stars about the gamescom running, this often has an impressive effect. the fans of the influencers want to be a little closer to their idol and get to know the people behind the video or stream.

They track their star every day YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or even tik tok and this is the opportunity to take a picture or maybe just have a nice chat.

Especially in the gaming sector there are many familiar faces like Gronkh, Sarazar, Rewi, Gnu or example MontanaBlackwho have gained an extraordinary degree of popularity in Germany through gaming.

The list is long and if one of these influencers runs through gamescom, it can happen extraordinary situations to lead.

At events like gamescom, for example gigantic crowds form when one of the industry giants trudges through the halls.

MontanaBlack draws crowds

And that’s what happened this year too, because Marcel Eris alias MontanaBlack paid a visit to gamescom.

The well-known YouTube star and Twitch streamer had the honor of joining a round Marc Gebauer, a well-known seller on social media, about gamescom – and it resulted in a remarkable face. But it’s best to see for yourself.

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However, such a situation is not uncommon security issues and in the case of Monte, he only got ahead with security.

It was in prior to the visit clear that he would be at gamescom 2022. For his visit, he chose the busiest day of the week, as is well known gamescom saturday.

But he was there for a reason: He streamed the whole thing live with Marc Gebauer and SkylineTVwho dared to take a tour with him.

The crowds followed the gaming legend throughout the fair, which is why around 40 security staff were necessary to be able to move on.

This is the built-in hardware MontanaBlack:

What does Monte say about the incident?

During the live stream, it quickly became apparent that this was a overwhelming number of viewers acts that besiege him:

“It’s such a crowd and it’s the people’s fault right now. The simple reason you get into such dangerous situations is that people are besieging every exit. And it has no added value for the people or for us. Because we’re not going to go out there and stop and take photos. Then the danger is even greater that people will be besieged or stumble.”

Monte himself points out that the danger is often overlooked that “because things can happen quickly“. For example, if someone twists or falls. He means:

“That’s why I think it’s a shame that people don’t realize it. People are like in a trance. They follow like blind. And only have eyes on us. They don’t even look at what’s ahead.

He also criticizes that this is not even happening because of the YouTube stars themselves, but because of them self interestbecause the Fans only their own video or photo have in mind for their social media. So that they could show they saw Monte: “But that won’t do you any good! That doesn’t make any sense.

Later he asks security if he might get into a area could be performed in which no spectators allowed because he has the safety of the other visitors in mind.

Who is to blame: the streamer or the viewers?

The problem with such situations is that trade fair fans – who have nothing to do with the streamer – literally be overrun by this overwhelming crowd.

But also them Blockages like blocked emergency exits can become problematic. That’s why many hold on influencers always on during gamescom certain places on and report this in advance on.

So you could go a step further and claim that it is in the end irresponsible would be to simply march across gamescom as a star celebrated throughout Germany. But such statements are fundamentally difficult. At what point would you be such a supposed “star”? And when will you no longer be allowed to go to gamescom? Such counter-arguments make this problem fundamentally so complex.

In the course of his march, Monte takes the whole Anyway, with a sense of humour and says again to his fans:

“You don’t want anything bad from people and people don’t want anything bad from us either. I think everyone can understand that you can’t stand there normally. But still I have only love in my heart for everyone and I hope that everyone is doing well, that they are healthy and that their families are doing well.

But what do you think? Do you agree with Monte’s views or do you see the whole thing from a different perspective? Feel free to write it in the comments below and discuss with us.

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