Saints Row: How To Get Started – Perks, Skills, Weapon Upgrades

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In Saints Row you end up in a completely over-the-top game world. We provide you with 10 beginner tips that will make it easier for you to start the game. While you can tweak a lot of settings in the game options, you should at least turn off motion blur under Display. For the first few hours of play, you stick to the main missions, as they explain some of the features such as ventures or skills and more. The open game world is certainly tempting for excursions, but you should pay attention to a few things. So it’s definitely worth activating the fast travel function first, so that you don’t get stuck somewhere in the middle of nowhere and have to laboriously return to headquarters. The following 10 Saints Row tips will make it easier for you to get started. In our test for the reboot of the action series, you can read why die-hard action fans should play the game. Our tester explains why the action mix in the open game world doesn’t feel quite as mature.

Saints Row – 10 beginner tips to start the game

With these 10 tips for Saints Row (2022), we make it easier for you to start the open world.

Turn off motion blur and camera shake

For a clear view, we recommend that you disable motion blur in the options in Saints Row. When the camera pans quickly, the image appears watered down and the textures are rather muddy. In the console version for PS5 or Xbox Series X, leave the slider on 4K UHD resolution for optimal resolution. By the way, we also switched off the camera shake.

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do main missions

At the beginning of the open-world adventure, we recommend that you first play a few main missions. Here you gradually unlock the recruiting of your crew as well as a few important businesses to earn money. The first ten to twelve main missions also provide you with essential equipment. For example, the mission “The Forge” gives you the helicopters.

Unlock Fast Travel

On the in-game map you will find the photo spots that you unlock for fast travel. The map size in Saints Row suggests using fast travel very early on. With the camera app in the in-game mobile phone, you simply snap a photo of a special sight. Later you will need the fast travel app if you start missions where you have to collect your crew members in your headquarters. At best, you should travel there before the start of the mission to save yourself the trip there.

Bounty Jobs provide Coal Boost

Especially at the beginning of the game you can use a little extra income. As soon as you need a change from the main missions, we recommend the bounty missions, which you can also start via the mobile app. Here you do smaller assassination missions that flush you money into the cash register. By the way: In order to bag a little extra cash at the beginning, you rummage through the garbage containers marked in yellow. You can get up to $2,000 there!

Businesses (ventures) provide passive income

In the course of the main missions you also get access to the so-called ventures (shops). These ensure passive income, which you can collect from time to time using the cash app on your in-game smartphone. At the beginning we recommend you Jim Robs Garage. As soon as you have completed all the orders, you can use the app to have a car come to you on your forays through the pampa. That’s handy, since you don’t have to steal carts… uh, borrow them anymore. Jim Rob’s Garage also provides you with $1,000 an hour in passive income, among other things.

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