Xbox wants Activision to make mobile games and PC games

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It’s officially completed Acquisition of Activision by Microsoft at the moment, but the merger is to be finalized in the coming year. Around $68.7 million puts Xbox on the table for this deal. And while there’s still a lot of paperwork to be done, Xbox boss Phil Spencer already has some plans for how it’s going to be in the future Activision Blizzard will continue. in the Interviewed by Bloomberg said the person in charge about the Main reasons for this acquisition.

New focus on mobile games

So Phil Spencer clarifies that Microsoft especially keep an eye on the big ones mobile market has thrown. So far, Xbox, with all its popular brands, is not quite as broadly positioned here for iOS and Android. In this case, the future Publisher King help out, which is part of the Activision acquisition package. Best known for titles like Candy Crush, the company generated $1.9 billion in revenue last year alone.

Blizzard should take care of the PC

As soon as the Activision teams belong to Microsoft, Phil Spencer will probably also want to employ the King developers with IPs such as Halo, Forza Motorsport or Gears of War. In addition to the mobile plans with King, Blizzard is said to have been the focus. The studio is intended to be used in particular for PC experiences. Of course, the Xbox boss has not yet revealed which projects they would like to pursue here in the future.

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