Battlefield 2042: Take a look at the new Season 2 map

Battlefield 2042: Take a look at the new Season 2 map

DICE has revealed new footage of Battlefield 2042’s new map, Stranded. In a drained interior of the Panama Canal, you can fight your opponents in Season 2. You don’t have to wait any longer, because the new season starts today, August 30, 2022.

A perfect match

The map fits perfectly with the game’s climate-apocalyptic theme and focuses on infantry combat. There are also new quests that will unlock important items from previous Seasons. So if you missed something, you can catch up in Season 2.

More on Battlefield 2042:

In addition, there are also new details about the Battle Pass, which contains many small goodies on 100 new ranks that you can earn. Among the free content are specialists, weapons and vehicles. If you buy the Premium Pass, skins, battlefield coins, player cards, weapon charms and takedown moves are waiting for you.

If you own the Year One Pass or the Gold or Ultimate Edition, you get the Premium Pass just like that.

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