Mafia celebrates its 20th anniversary and a new part is already in development

Mafia Trilogy PS4 Xbox One PC

The first appeared almost exactly 20 years ago mafia from Illusion Softworks for the personal computer. Two years later the versions for PlayStation 2 and Xbox. 2010 and 2016 followed mafia 2 and mafia 3 two stand alone successors before 2020 that remake from Part 1 and the entire trilogy appeared in improved versions.

While “Mafia 3” in particular caused mixed feelings, the first two parts are still considered to be absolute classic. To the 20th anniversary the developers now look back on the series and development history and have one on top of that happy surprise in luggage.

20 years mafia

In an interview on the official site come general managers Roman HladikHead of Production and Media Director Tomáš Hřebíček and game director Alex Cox to word. They tell you a bit about the beginnings of “Mafia” and how the requirements and the teams have continued to grow over the years.

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Originally the games were played in Czech Republic developed since part 3 However, a large part of the employees is in the United States. Hladik and Hřebíček have been there from the start while cox joined “Mafia 2”. In the interview, a few backgrounds on the developments are revealed and it’s about the highlights of the series itself. But the three developers are saving the best for last.

A new part is already being developed

To finish Hladik namely asked what the future of “Mafia” looks like. The developer then responds with big news:

“I am pleased to officially announce that development work on the new Mafia game has begun! While the release is still several years away and we are unable to share any further details at this time, we can’t wait to continue the popular saga and immerse our fans in new stories.”

So, in a few years, we can actually expect a new game in the “Mafia” universe. After the release of the trilogy and the Definitive edition it was quiet around the series, many saw it as a kind of conclusion. This assumption is now refuted. So the success story will continue 20 years still continue to write.

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