You can get Mafia for free on Steam in early September

You can get Mafia for free on Steam in early September

Celebrating Publisher 2K’s 20th anniversary, the original game Mafia will soon be available free on Steam for a limited time.

Charge into organized crime

A perfect present for the publisher and game’s anniversary celebration, which you can pick up between September 1st and September 5th if you want. Now you know which date to mark in your calendar.

Mafia was first released in 2002 and received a remake in 2020 with the Definitive Edition. Like Grand Theft Auto, the game offers the opportunity to explore an open world and take part in underground events as a criminal.

Also in the meantime Mafia received a few sequels, while GTA mainly relied on their online play. The game is currently costing Steam 9.99 euros. Starting Thursday, Mafia will be available for free for a limited time.

On Twitter, 2K takes a look into the past

On Twitter, the 2K account calls for sharing your stories with the game using the hashtag #Mafia20. “In honor of #Mafia20, we’re going back to where it all began,” writes 2K. “Get the original Mafia (digital) for FREE on @Steam from September 1st to 5th”.

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“I don’t think I would have gotten into the story like this without the Mafia series. Mafia II in particular is one of the fondest memories of the last decade for me and my friends. After playing the demo in 2010, I was hooked forever,” writes one player.

Other fans also like to remember back in the comments. What are your experiences with the Mafia franchise?