Backforce V in the test: gaming chair test winner for less than 400 euros

Backforce V test table with all data from the PCGH test

Backforce V test table with all data from the PCGH test

Source: Backforce/PCGH

In August 2022, the new Backforce V was presented and PCGH tested the chair closely – we were even on site in the factory in Germany beforehand. The V from the German chair manufacturer Interstuhl/Backforce stands out from the crowd and offers optimal ergonomics and great seating comfort. In addition, it is cheap. The Backforce V, which is suitable for a body height of 1.51 m to 1.91 m, stands out from the crowd of gaming chairs with its extravagant, attractive backrest design. In addition, the Backforce V, which is made in Germany with sustainable materials such as wood (seat/backrest construction) or recycled PET bottles (coverings), also draws attention to itself with its perfect ergonomics and precisely with this property it puts the competition ahead.

Unlike gaming chairs with standard construction, which include all other test candidates in PCGH’s comparison test in issue 10/2022, it is not equipped with an asynchronous rocking mechanism, but with a synchronous mechanism with automatic weight regulation. With this auto-lift system, the restoring force adapts to the body weight. The entire back, including the lumbar vertebrae, is fully supported when sitting and doing healthy rocking movements. We found the padding hardness of 62 kg/m³ for the backrest to be very comfortable in the test. The dual-core seat construction with two upholstery elements of different hardness ensures additional seating comfort. The Backforce V had to put up with criticism in the test for the 1D armrests, which were only adjustable in height. According to Backforce/Interstuhl, the equipment includes the attractive price of 399 euros with a 10 year guarantee. If you don’t want to do without the 2D armrests, which can also be folded back, you have to buy them from the manufacturer or eBay. An alternative is the PCGH Edition for 429 euros, which not only has armrests that can be folded away backwards, but also an LED light with the PCGH logo on the back of the neck support.

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Conclusion: The Backforce V does not have the best equipment, but impresses with its ergonomics. This is not optimal for other chairs in the market overview in PCGH issue 10/2022 due to the lack of a synchronous mechanism.

Backforce V: an overview of the construction of the gaming chair

The price of 399 euros for a gaming chair that is also made in Germany is an announcement to the competition. According to the test, the Backforce V offers the same optimal ergonomics as the other Backforce models, which are significantly more expensive. For example, the Backforce One is available from 599 euros and the Backforce One Plus from 699 euros. Of course, these gaming chairs are in a completely different price range.

backrest construction
The basis of the backrest construction of the Backforce V, on which the upholstery rests, is a wooden support plate with a steel backrest bracket for the neck support. There is also a stable back shell made of plastic.

synchronous mechanism
For optimal ergonomics, the Backforce V has a synchronous mechanism (auto-lift system). This ensures that the backrest and seat surface follow the body movement synchronously in a ratio of 1 to 2.

Backrest: double S shape
The backrest offers very good ergonomics even without integrated lumbar support. This is because, with its double S shape, it adapts perfectly to the shape of the spine and thus optimally supports the back.

Backforce V: ergonomics like a 600-euro chair

Backforce V: ergonomics like a 600-euro chair

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Source: Backforce/PCGH

All test data for the Backforce V at a glance:

Value for money/guarantee
Approx. € 400 / good plus / 10 years

Overall Height (With Base)
Approx. 127.0 cm to 138.0 cm

Width (at shoulder level, at pelvic level)/backrest height
Approx. 59.0cm, Approx. 37.0cm/Approx. 99.0 cm

Width (external/internal)/depth of seat
Approx. 48.0cm/32.5cm/Approx. 46.5 cm

total weight

Material base/castors/construction seat, backrest/upholstery/cover
Plastic/plastic/wooden support panel (seat) and wooden support panel with steel back bracket and plastic panel (backrest)/thermoformed PU foam with a density of 65 kg/m³ (own production)/100% recycled polyester yarn from PET bottles (Oeko-tex Standard 100/GRS 4.0:2017)

Max. load/gas spring class
Up to 150 kg/class 3

Rocking mechanism/synchronous mechanism
Synchronous mechanism (opening angle of 20°) with automatic weight regulation (auto-lift system), restoring force adapts to the weight

More extras
Individually embroidered patches for the upper edges of the backrest, universal castors for all floor types, dual-core seat construction (two upholstery elements with different firmness), honeycomb pattern applied to the cover fabric using electro welding

Very easy (very detailed instructions)

Suitable for height
From 150 cm to 192 cm (manufacturer information)

Processing foot/height adjustment + mechanics/seat/backrest
Very good/very good/very good/very good

Backrest adjustability (angle to seat)
Good (in two positions [aufrecht und ca. 20° geöffnet] lockable)

Adjustable armrests (height/rotatable/vertical/horizontal)
Yes (six)/yes/no/no

Seat height adjustable/alternative gas spring available?
Yes, infinitely variable using a compressed air lifter (11 cm lifting height)/no

pad hardness
Hard, 62 kg/m³ (seat surface/backrest): The hard seat padding does not sink excessively even with a higher weight, the pressure distribution is very good thanks to the dual-core construction (two degrees of hardness). The hard backrest padding optimally supports the back and, thanks to the double-S backrest shape, the lumbar area

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Stability/rolling characteristics/alternative roles
Very good/very smooth/no

Seating comfort/ergonomics/adjustment options Ergonomics
Very comfortable: the seat is sufficiently large, the two upholstery firmness levels (the edge area is slightly harder than the middle area) ensure maximum seating comfort/very good: the backrest, which is shaped like a double S, has a special construction and gives the entire back, including the lumbar/pelvic area, optimal support/satisfactory: no active improvement

Comfortable gamer posture with mouse and keyboard (angle between back and seat is 90° or less)
Very comfortable and very ergonomic: Thanks to the double-S shape and the hard upholstery of the backrest, very good back support is fully guaranteed when the backrest is in a 90-degree position. Although no lumbar support is integrated into the backrest, the five lumbar vertebrae and the iliac crest have optimal support thanks to the shape of the backrest

PCGH video: Visiting Backforce

Backforce V PCGH Edition: Santi and Stö build the best gaming chair in the world

In the video, which is not always meant in the first place, we visited Backforce to see how a gaming chair is produced in Germany. With around 850 employees, Backforce (belongs to Interstuhl) specializes exclusively in chairs and is an expert when it comes to ergonomic seating.