Bob Ross and Kratos from God of War in a cosplay is not possible? Then look here

Cosplay of the horror nurse from Silent Hill is in a good mood (1)

The release of God of War Ragnarok is imminent. already on November 11th it’s time and you can slip back into the role of Kratos. Additionally, the God of War installment from 2018 made its PC debut this year and has numerous bizarre mods spawned. But how exactly do artist Bob Ross and Norse demigod Kratos fit together? A cosplayer has now shown what that could look like.

Bob of War goes into battle

The Reddit user named bradleyb623 has a picture of his on Reddit Bob of War Cosplays published by the DragonCon. It’s a wild combination of artist Bob Ross and demigod Kratos. Aside from the pun, he woven many elements of the two characters together. So Kratos bald head was replaced by Bob Ross Afro and Kratos ax was replaced by one huge Red tip brush replaced. The typical shield of Kratos now fulfills as color palette also a second task. The cosplay is rounded off with Kratos red face paint.

Even if this is not the most elaborate cosplay, the idea of ​​combining a fictional and a real person with such different characteristics is very creative and praiseworthy.

Who is Kratos?

Kratos is a demigod from Greek mythology. He is the Personification of power and brute force. Kratos has appeared in the PlayStation-exclusive God of War series since 2005. Most recently, in God of War (2018), we saw a significantly aged Kratos taking care of his young son Atreus.

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