Community project: “Thank you, community!” raffle for the GG birthday – News

Community project: "Thank you, community!" raffle for the GG birthday - News

This content would not be financially viable without the premium users. But we urgently need more supporters: You can help too!

How the time flies. In mid-September, GamersGlobal will celebrate its 13th birthday! As in previous years, we are planning a “Thank you, community!” raffle for this happy occasion, in which the GG users donated over 100 games last year. With this project we want to thank the community for the continuous support and give back a little something. The action should appeal to everyone GG subscribers because on the one hand we want to specifically reward active supporters and on the other hand we can easily check the age of subscribers in the case of USK 18 titles.

In order to be able to realize the project, your support is necessary, as we depend on game donations from GG users for the raffle. If at least 30 prizes are collected, we will raffle the games among all interested subscribers for the GamersGlobal anniversary.

So if you have one or the other game code (Steam, GOG, PSN, Xbox, …) that you no longer need, please send it in until September 14, 2022 a private message (with game title, platform, steam key, …) to GG users Sisko. One or two deliberately selected titles or insider tips that you would be happy about make more sense than ten games that have been gathering dust on the virtual shelf for years. Many thanks to all donors!

This post will be pulled up again and again in the coming weeks as a reminder. Feel free to post questions or feedback in the comments or send them directly to Sisko.

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