Lost Ark: Amazon is doing player poll – why did you stop?

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from Karsten Scholz
In the official Lost Ark forum, those responsible at Amazon Games have linked a player survey with which they want to get the opinion of current and former Arkesia heroes. Responses will be collected by Tuesday 6 September 2022 at 8:59 am.

Around 130,000 players continue to log into the Steam version of Lost Ark per day (source), but of course that’s miles away from the 1.3 million players who played the online role-playing game at launch. With a survey, those responsible at Amazon Games now want to get to the bottom of the current mood in the community.

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We want to understand you better!

In the official forum, Community Manager Roxx writes:

“Heroes of Arkesia,

We want to hear your opinion and therefore invite you to take part in a poll about Lost Ark (buy now €17.99) to participate! This poll is a new way for you to provide feedback so we can get a better understanding of your Arkesia experience. This way we can help our team to understand you better.

To participate in the survey, please click here 252.

The survey is anonymous and will be available in all languages ​​Lost Ark is available in, including English, German, Spanish and French. Responses will only be collected until Tuesday, September 6th at 8:59 am, so please participate until then!

Thanks in advance for taking the time and see you in Arkesia!”


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