Xbox Game Pass could destroy PS Plus – “Friends and Family” feature rules

Xbox Game Pass “Friends & Family” subscription

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Of: Aileen Udovenko

Microsoft is planning to introduce a new feature in their Xbox Game Pass. And that makes the PS5 competition look pretty old.

Redmond, Wash. – Microsoft is likely to make things even harder for its competitors in the future. Because the group is planning a brand new feature for the Xbox Game Pass and that has the potential to completely outperform PS Plus. The innovation is still in the test phase, but already promises a lot. We’ll tell you which feature Microsoft is launching and what advantages it has in store.

Company Name Microsoft
founding April 4, 1975
Headquarters Redmond, Washington
CEO Satya Nadella
annual sales $168 billion (2021)
founder Bill Gates, Paul Allen

Xbox Game Pass will soon also be available with friends – “Friends & Family” should make it possible

This should come: At the beginning of August, Microsoft announced that it was testing a new feature of Xbox Game Pass. This will initially be available to members of the Xbox Insider program in Ireland and Colombia. A new subscription is being tested, which according to the leaker Aggiornamenti Lumia should be called “Game Pass Friends & Family”.

Finally with friends too: As the name suggests, not only family members but also friends should have access to the Xbox Game Pass through the subscription. This means you share games from Game Pass, online multiplayer functions and EA Play with added people. The “Xbox Game Pass” games should be able to be played via console and PC as well as via the cloud. Up to four people can be added to the “Game Pass Friends & Family”. In the test phase, however, all users must live in the same country, whether this will still be the case when the system is officially launched remains to be seen.

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Xbox Game Pass gives Sony no chance: New feature depends on PS Plus even further © Microsoft

Cost according to the leak: Like the magazine The Verge reported that the Friends & Family subscription will cost EUR 21.99 per month. This would make the subscription almost twice as expensive as Game Pass Ultimate, but it could be worthwhile for two or more users who share the subscription.

Xbox Game Pass “Friends & Family” – Sony does not follow with PS Plus

Sony mercilessly left behind: A lot of Microsoft customers should be happy that all the content of Game Pass Ultimate can also be shared with family and friends. However, the group’s competition is probably anything but enthusiastic. Because Microsoft continues to depend on Sony with the new feature. In the past, Sony has repeatedly annoyed users with content and changes to their PS Plus subscriptions, and many fans therefore claim that PS Plus can no longer keep up with Xbox Game Pass.

With the new “Friends & Family” program, the gap between the two gaming subscriptions should continue to grow in favor of Microsoft. Whether Sony can really threaten its competition again remains questionable, but the company should perhaps take the new Xbox feature as an opportunity to further optimize PS Plus.