WoW WotLK Classic Dungeon Guide: Halls of Stone (Normal/Heroic)

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In the icy north of Northrend you will find the titan complex Ulduar in the northern part of the Storm Peaks. To the west of these massive structures is the 5-player dungeon Halls of Stone – on the other side, by the way the halls of lightning. With the release of WoW WotLK Classic, both dungeons will be very popular again – that’s why we have refreshed our instance guide for you!

In the Halls of Stone, the rune dwarves and their gigantic protectors await your party. Hordlers land at Grom’arsh crash site and ride north, Alliance camps at Bran’s base camp. Only Bran Bronzebeard gives you a quest; you can find him in the instance. After you have entered the halls, you are already taking on the first opponents!

  • The rune dwarves usually appear in groups of three. Be especially wary of the Dark Runetheurgs. They occasionally attack the group with forked lightning. Interrupt their spells and kill them first. After that, it’s up to the elementalists. They occasionally summon an air elemental and attack with lightning bolts. The warriors have the usual cleavage attack, but they don’t pose much of a threat.
  • The Relentless Constructs often stand around in double packs. Occasionally they charge around, but that doesn’t bother you. After a good beating, they will short circuit, dealing significant Nature damage in a ten yard radius after three seconds. If this happens, simply walk away from the construct or kill it before the short circuit is cast.

The usual Rune Dwarves and Dark Rune Giants patrol the next room. Make sure you only engage one group at a time. The giants have no special abilities, but do a lot of melee damage to the tank. Once you have eliminated the opponents, you choose the only available exit in the right wing of the hall. After a few meters and a few dead rune dwarves, you’ll be spoiled for choice. Three possible paths lead you into the winding sections of the instance. First choose the left fork, which leads you into a kind of quarry.

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Before you take on the boss of the wing, you have to fight your way through some attackers again. The rune scholars like to counter your spells. The workers and rune shapers don’t pose much of a threat. You’ll occasionally come across groups of stonelings. They have a low number of hit points and you can fight them with area damage. However, watch out for the rune overseers who occasionally take over one of your fellow combatants. At the end of the path you will encounter the giant Krystallus.

Krystallus packs quite a punch, so keep heal-over-time spells active on your tank if you have them available. The boss has only one ability that makes your life really difficult. Like Gruul, Krystallus stomps the earth and throws you around. Your movement speed will then gradually decrease until you are rooted. After that, the giant will smash you. The closer you are to each other, the more damage you take. So try to gain as much distance from each other as possible in the short period of time.

In the heroic version, Krystallus has one more ability. The “ground spike” deals damage to a random player – so the healer has all sorts of things to do. As soon as Krystallus shakes the earth, you should run away from each other as soon as possible. Unlike normal mode, smashing here is deadly if you don’t move.

After Krystallus has died, you go through the hole in front of you back to the fork in the road. Now choose the right path to run into other Runentheurgs. Further back you will encounter the well-known giants and some constructs. In the back hall, the Maid of Sorrow awaits you, the second boss.

The fight with the Maid of Sorrow is straightforward. The Pillar of Sorrows hits a random player with shadow damage, which your healer compensates for. If possible, remove the magic damage-over-time effect that the pillar causes to save some work for your healer. Occasionally, the damsel will throw a huge black storm of sorrow under your feet. You will receive regular damage if you remain in it – so run out of the cloud. The boss’s third ability is a stun effect that engulfs the entire party. After that, you are incapacitated for six seconds – only damage can cancel the effect. So when casting Grief Shock, go into a storm of grief to get relatively low damage for a short time. Once the damsel has cast the grief shock, the stun effect is immediately canceled and you can step out of the black area again.

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The Maiden of Sorrow gains an additional ability in Heroic mode. Her “Parting Pain” drains mana from a random player and converts the mana burned into damage. It is particularly important for your healer to face the storm of grief while casting Griefshock. He prevents the incapacity, which is a full ten seconds in heroic mode, and can continue to supply the tank.

Back at the fork in the road, take the last remaining path. In addition to some familiar enemies, after a while you will come across some rampaging constructs with no special abilities. In addition, find Brann Bronzebeard and accompany him to the Tribunal of Ages.