PS Plus: Games in October 2022 – release, rumors and speculation

PS Plus: Games in October 2022 – release, rumors and speculation

With an Essential subscription to PlayStation Plus, you get a few downloadable games for PS4 and PS5 each month at no extra cost. On MeinMMO we show you what the schedule for the PS Plus games looks like in October and what rumors are currently floating around in the community.

What is the schedule? Each month, the unveiling and the release are the same. The following dates are important:

  • PS Plus: Games available from Tuesday 04 October
    • According to experience around 12:00 noon
  • Possible announcement: Wednesday 28 September
    • Unveiling of the games often around 5:30 p.m

However, the “announcement” in particular is not set in stone, the games could also be presented a little later or earlier. Experience has shown that the dates should fit.

Remember, when PS Plus’ new games hit the store, they’ll crowd out September’s games. Push the September games into your library in time:

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PS Plus October 2022 – speculation and rumors

Which games could come in October? There are currently no credible leaks for the new PS Plus. However, we asked around a bit in the community and introduce you to a few titles that could be possible candidates for games in PS Plus.

Please keep in mind, however, that this is not binding information, but purely speculation and rumors that are buzzing through the internet:

  • Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered

The Halloween month of October is approaching, so a few spooky rumors are flying around the web. With a strong Ghostbusters game.

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In Ghostbusters: The Video Game you play the original cast around Dan Aykroyd and Bill Murray. The story of the films is continued and expanded with a playable adventure. The remaster was launched in 2019 and has significantly pimped up the dusty PS3 graphics. A must for all fans who want to go ghost hunting with the proton beam.

In the last few months there have been rumors about a CoD in PS Plus, and they won’t stop for October either. Modern Warfare 2 is coming on October 28th and the old title CoD: Vanguard is coming to the end of its content cycle. PS Plus would be a good tool to get players onto the servers and into the in-game shop again.

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A terrifying horror adventure cannot be missing in the Halloween month. The Evil Within 2 sends you on a traumatic adventure: alone through disturbing scenarios, full of terrifying enemies and your strongest weapon is your wits. However, the game tries everything to take it away from you.

The PS VR2 was only recently unveiled, which now also draws attention to the VR games on the PlayStation. Tetris Effect: Connected can be played with or without VR glasses. A wide variety of modes and many customization options turn the Gameboy classic into a firework of colors and effects. A thoroughly stimulating experience when you push rows of 4 in the dark expanse of space to score.

As soon as new information or leaks appear, you will find more about it on MeinMMO.

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What does PS Plus Essential bring? The subscription is important if you want to use multiplayer on your PlayStation. Because few games open online mode without PS Plus.

In addition, you regularly get cosmetics or in-game currencies from various games as gifts and have an extra discount on some games. Keep checking the PS Store and checking out the PS Plus section so you don’t miss out on bonuses for games you find interesting.

In addition, saves can be moved to the PS cloud and there are monthly games on subscription. However, you can only use it if you are currently a member of PS Plus.

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