CoD: Modern Warfare 2: The first cheaters appear in the beta, developers want to react

CoD: Modern Warfare 2: The first cheaters appear in the beta, developers want to react

from Valentin Sattler
No sooner can all platforms play the beta of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 than the first cheaters are cavorting on the servers. The developers allegedly want to take action against this from today in order to prevent a situation like that of the last few years.

After last week only Playstation players participated in the beta of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 were able to participate, the open beta for all platforms has been taking place since yesterday. While the developers at Infinity Ward are testing the game and the server infrastructure, cheat developers are apparently already checking how well their hacking tools work in this year’s CoD offshoot.

Cheaters in MW2

At least the first pictures shared on the net, which show various cheats in action, speak for this fact. For example, a video posted on Tiktok and shared by the MW2 News Twitter account shows a combination of wallhack and aimbot. In this way, opponents can already be targeted when they are actually not yet visible. And thanks to the aimbot, it immediately takes a few headshots as soon as they walk around the corner.

The scheme is already known: talent-free players can use the hacks to push their ego and spoil everyone else’s fun at the same time, since they have no chance against such advantages. The recordings of the first cheaters trigger a lot of resentment among honest players: In recent years, the fun of playing Call of Duty has often been marred by such machinations. And the anti-cheat system Ricochet, which was released last year, seems to ban many players, but it cannot completely prevent the hacks.

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After all, the developers of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 are already working on a solution to the problem. Yesterday announced Infinity Ward, that as of today, action should be taken against cheaters and hackers. How well this works in the beta and later in the full version remains to be seen. If there are still problems with cheaters in the future, at least console players can use a trick to help themselves: If you deactivate crossplay, you can at least avoid the more widespread hacks of the PC version.

Source: Eurogamer