Scurrows calls for a lawyer – casino streamer threatens half of Twitch Germany with ads

Scurrows in front of a judges gavel

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Of: Philip Hansen

The heavily criticized Twitch streamer Scurrows is now threatening opponents with legal action. A schoolyard insult called his lawyer into action.

Madeira – Scurrows, the polarizing casino streamer, has been a hit since the proposed gambling ban on Twitch. Now the hostilities against him go so far that he threatens his lawyer. YouTube and Twitch should help clean up the wrong image of him, says the scandal streamer. But he doesn’t stay in his victim role for long, because the next provocation is already at the start.

Full name Theo Bottlander
Known as scrolls
Residence Madeira, Portugal (unconfirmed)
Followers on Twitch 185,000 followers (as of September 2022)
Followers on YouTube 208,000 followers (as of September 2022)

Scandal streamer Scurrows is offended and now wants to sue his critics

That’s why the ad and the lawyer are threatening: The streamer Scurrows always provokes – whether on Twitch or when he is involved in delicate Gamescom brawls. But he is now threatening another streamer with his lawyer. The trigger was a live stream from the smaller streamer Rumathra, during which the fateful insult fell. Later, Scurrows even encouraged the whole thing to launch a legal sweep on YouTube and Twitch.

That was the insult: This weekend, a video made the rounds of Rumathra repeatedly insinuating that Scurrows was the child of a prostitute – just a little less nicely said. We’re embedding Scurrow’s tweet for you here, which also contains a clip of the insulting video:

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Here’s why Scurrows is always in trouble: There are probably many reasons why Scurrows is so often criticized and is often at the mercy of insults. Here is the summary:

  • Scurrows primarily serves casino streams on Twitch
  • A lot of money is gambled on there and many critics believe that viewers are actively driven into gambling addiction
  • The streamers are betting large amounts and have dubious deals with the casinos themselves, according to the allegations.
  • The virtual games on one-armed bandits make such casino streamers rich, who then like to splurge with their money and often offend. Scurrows doesn’t mince his words on social media and accuses critics of hypocrisy
  • Especially with the current favorite Twitch game FIFA 23 and the often criticized drawing of cards (actually loot boxes), casino streamers tease about double standards.
  • Scurrows and his colleague OrangeMorange also stand out due to their ongoing feud with a ban on dancing

Scurrows wants a lawyer knocking on Twitch and YouTube

This is how Scurrows wants to proceed now: Rumathra apologized to Scurrows for the current insult (via Twitter), but the casino streamer was already in full swing. He urged his followers to give him “all videos from streamers/YouTubers, big or small, who make false claims of fact‘ published via Scurrows.

Scurrows calls for a lawyer – casino streamer threatens legal action © Imago / Scurrows Twitch (Montage)

Scurrows continues to blaze on Twitter. His lawyer has another assignment:

I will have my lawyer review the videos claiming that I am streaming illegal casino streams from Madeira. I will have this false statement of fact warned off. We will then ask YouTube to delete and strike these videos.

This is the Malta-Madeira debate: The island of Madera is said to be the home of the casino streamer because the government is a little more relaxed about taxes than Germany. However, gambling is prohibited in Madeira. Scurrows is therefore often accused of simply teleporting to Malta via VPN – because the government on the island of Malta takes a more relaxed view of gambling. Other big streamers like Unge also live on the tax paradise island of Madeira.

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But Scurrows doesn’t manage to stay in the offended victim role for that long. This Monday, September 26th, he posted mountains of money on Twitter that he plans to count on October 18th.

Scurrows is alluding to the new Twitch gambling rules, which are set to come into effect on October 18th. However, these changes are far from the ban on casino streamers demanded by many. Here we have explained to you exactly what Twitch’s gambling ban means.