Changing the shape of the hairdresser – this is how you catch a Shiny for Fashion Week

All Coiffwaff forms in Pokemon GO from Germany

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Coiffwaff is back for Fashion Week in Pokémon GO and can also be caught as Shiny for the first time. Here’s how to change Coiffwaff’s form.

San Francisco, USA – Fashion week in Pokémon GO starts today and Coiffwaff is making a coiffed comeback. Because the popular poodle Pokémon, along with other monsters, is the focus of Fashion Week. And that’s no wonder, because Coiffwaff is one of the most versatile Pokémon when it comes to fashion. The Pokémon can take on a total of ten different forms with different haircuts. We’ll tell you how you can change the shape of your Coiffwaff in Pokémon GO.

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Release (date of first publication) July 06, 2016
Publishers niantic
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Pokémon GO: Coiffwaff Change Shape – These are all haircuts

These are the forms: Fashion Week started today in Pokémon GO and one of the highlights is probably the return of Coiffwaff, because the poodle Pokémon has a lot to offer. There are ten different forms of the long-haired Pokémon and these can be adapted by the trainers. These are the different forms of Coiffwaff and their localities:

  • Shaggy Form: Worldwide in the wild
  • Women’s cut: Worldwide as a change of shape
  • Cavalier cut: Worldwide as a change of shape
  • Miss incision: In America as a change of form
  • Diamond Cut: In Europe, Africa and the Middle East as a shapeshifter
  • Star Cut: In Asia-Pacific as a shapeshifter
  • Queen cut: In France as a shape change
  • Kabuki cut: In Japan as a shape change
  • Ruler cut: In Egypt as a change of shape
  • Heart Cut: (Valentine’s Day Event Worldwide)
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How to change the shape: So you only get the shaggy form of Coiffwaff in the wild worldwide and depending on where you live, you can then give your Pokémon different haircuts. So in Germany you have the chance to have a women’s cut, a cavalier cut and a diamond cut. To change the shape of your Coiffwaff, you need 25 Coiffwaff Candy and 10,000 Stardust.

Pokémon GO: Change Coiffwaff Shape – Catch Shiny for Fashion Week © The Pokémon Company

If you meet these requirements, you can easily cut a new frieze for your Coiffwaff in Pokémon GO. All you have to do is select your Pokémon and press “Change Form” under the power-up button. Then you can see which hairstyles you can choose from. All you have to do is choose your favorite and your coiffe waff will have a new shape.

Pokémon GO: Coiffwaff finally also as Shiny – This is how you get the dazzling version

Catch Shiny: During Fashion Week 2022 in Pokémon GO, Coiffwaff will be making more appearances in the wild, and for the first time, trainers will have the chance to catch a shiny specimen of the Poodle Pokémon. The shimmering versions are particularly beautiful to look at, so it’s definitely worth keeping an eye out for a Shiny Coiffwaff next week.

All Shiny Coiffwaff in Germany in Pokémon GO
You can get this Shiny Coiffwaff in Germany © The Pokémon Company

A very special Pokémon is also waiting for the trainers in Pokémon GO in October, because on Community Day on October 15, the fire spirit Pokémon Lichtel will finally have its own event.