TESO: Heroes of High Island – Event starts soon, these rewards beckon

TESO: Explore the beautiful High Island

That High Isle Chapter of The Elder Scrolls Online (Reviewed) will soon have its own in-game event! The Heroes of High Island World Event begins this Thursday, September 29, 2022 at 10:00 GMT and runs through Tuesday, October 11 at 16:00 GMT. During the event period, you can work together with your fellow players and earn awesome rewards by completing the High Island Pathfinder achievement.

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Become the Pathfinder of High Island

What do you have to do to become a High Island Boy Scout? Well, explore all of High Island by visiting all six landmark locations on High Island and Amenos. If you are looking for clues to find the areas, you will find them in the achievements themselves. If you’ve already completed the achievement, your progress will count toward the community event. On the “Heroes of High Island” Event Page you can follow the daily progress of the TESO community.

As more scouts complete the achievement, the bar will fill up faster, of course, which in turn will increase the rewards. Once 100 percent is reached or the event ends, the developers will make the rewards unlocked up to that point in the Crown Store (in the form of a single bundle) available to ALL High Isle Chapter owners for free!

TESO: Explore the beautiful High Island

Source: Bethesda

Below are the rewards you can unlock at each stage:

TESO: Oak Pledge Decals and Plant Yourself Action

Source: Bethesda

TESO: Oak Pledge Decals and Plant Yourself Action

TESO: Appleback Salamander companion

Source: Bethesda

TESO: Appleback Salamander companion

The Soaring Loot Crate contains the following items:

  • Undaunted loot and Undaunted Key
  • Tel’Var Stones
  • Outfit Tokens
  • Crafting Writs
  • riding lessons
  • Transmutation Crystals
  • High level gear for companions
    • Including legendary jewelry for companions
  • High Island item sets
  • Attunable workshops
  • Statue of the Aspiring Lord


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