WoW: Dragonflight has tremendous potential… on one condition

WoW: Dragonflight: The best transmog feature in a long time "just a bug" (1)

With Patch 9.2, the developers in WoW have embarked on a path that WoW: Dragonflight will continue to follow. You say goodbye to a whole range of unpopular features and systems. First and foremost is certainly the end of the so-called Borrowed Power. This has accompanied us for many years now in different forms.

Sometimes it was the artifact weapons, sometimes a legendary necklace and sometimes the pacts and their abilities and bonuses. They all had two things in common: They required more or less grinding effort and were dropped again at the end of the expansion. But that’s exactly what feels bad. A feature was grinded up for months and then had to be parted with. In Dragonflight we have been looking for such a feature in vain so far.