RTS Hope Tempest Rising: How important is single player?

RTS hope Tempest Rising: Developers on similarities to C&C, beta and game speed

from Thilo Bayer
The upcoming real-time strategy game Tempest Rising wants to pick up fans of classic RTS, but also offer something new. A developer diary explains how this works.

One can say with a clear conscience that the idea of ​​Tempest Rising made an impression on RTS fans – also on PCGH.de. Now there is a first developer diary.

First developer diary

We remember: The RTS Tempest Rising, which was only presented at the end of August caused quite a stir. Not only does the graphics look pretty brilliant for a real-time strategy game, but the borrowings from RTS classics C&C can hardly be overlooked. But it’s not that simple, as the developers explain in the first dev diary. We’ve been working on the game for three years now.

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This is how you make it clear that you never wanted to develop a game “that is just an exact derivative of something that already exists”. Of course, Tempest Rising has its roots in classic real-time strategy games such as Command and Conquer, Warcraft and Starcraft. But: There are some unique elements that will be introduced in the next few months, which mainly revolve around the factions Global Defense Force and the Tempest Dynasty. So each faction has its own resource system that has it all.

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A question in the dev diary was also about whether the effort that goes into campaign and multiplayer is evenly distributed across the development team. At this point, there’s a big focus on the quality of the single player campaign because it’s a lot more labor intensive, the developers said. You have cutscenes before and after each mission, and there’s the command room where you talk to the characters face-to-face. There is “a lot of work by a lot of people” in such elements. But the multiplayer mode is of course “also very important”. In this phase in particular, however, one concentrates particularly on the fine-tuning and the quality of the single player.

Graphically, Tempest Rising is based on the Unreal Engine 4 and looks accordingly chic. The developers do not experiment with the controls and are guided by the RTS genre standard. The title from Danish studio Slipgate Ironworks is published by publisher THQ Nordic and is scheduled for release in 2023 for the PC.