Leaker claims Pokemon anime is ‘in trouble’ after sinister comments from staff Dexerto

Leaker claims Pokemon anime is 'in trouble' after sinister comments from staff Dexerto

Published: 2022-10-02T16:46:44

Updated: 2022-10-02T16:46:44

Rumors about the future of the Pokémon anime have been circulating for some time, with many speculating that Pokémon Journeys could be the end of an era, with alleged dialogue from the OLM director indicating that the show could be in trouble.

The Pokémon anime has followed the release of new games in the main series for the past three decades. Mainly covering the quirky Pokémon-loving antagonist Ash Ketchum, it has given players more insight into the franchise’s iconic characters, as well as each different region.

However, there has been a lot of speculation in recent years about the future of anime. After Ash’s hard-earned championship win in the Sun and Moon arc of the TV series, many wondered if the story had finally come to an end.

This turned out not to be the case when Pokemon Journeys, a very different series from past seasons, was announced and began airing. The new series follows Ash’s nostalgic journey to becoming a potential world champion, as he travels to past regions and meets former teammates. However, based on information appearing online, this could actually be Ash’s last competition.

Pokemon Anime Team Doesn’t Have ‘Enough People’

According to a recent Twitter post shared by CentroLeaksHis alleged comments from the animation director of the OLM have come to light. The post reads, “OLM Animation Director Confirms Pokémon Anime Is In Trouble After all the recent problems with the Pokémon anime (filler, break weeks, recap episodes), a staff member has confirmed that they don’t have enough people. This may be the reason why we haven’t heard anything about a Gen 9 anime.”

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In the shared images, the director has stated “we don’t have enough people” in response to a question submitted about the production of the Pokémon anime. Another post shared in the comments by dolls adds to the speculation, sharing comments from mesoformer host of the show.

If the information provided in the comments is correct, the Pokémon animation team has already been reduced and the current state of the economy is having a major effect on their ability to create content for the show.

While some may be upset or surprised by the news, others may be less so. There has already been a great deal of speculation that Ash’s time as the protagonist of Pokémon might finally be coming to an end. However, this could open the door for new Pokémon anime spin-offs in the future.

With many episodes of Pokemon Ultimate Journeys remaining, it will likely be a few more months before fans of the series hear any new information.