LoL: German Pro Update Has Best KDA At Worlds 2022 – But Fnatic Loses Bitterly To Hot-Blooded Brazilians

LoL: German Pro Update Has Best KDA At Worlds 2022 – But Fnatic Loses Bitterly To Hot-Blooded Brazilians

Worlds 2022 is taking place in League of Legends. The German professional Elias “Upset” Lipp has bombastic values ​​​​at the KDA after 4 games because he simply hardly dies: But he has now suffered a bitter defeat: Against the Brazilian outsiders LOUD his LoL team Fnatic suddenly looked quite old. The draft seemed arrogant, in the game you seemed vulnerable.

Here’s the good news for Upset: The German ADC Upset has again achieved outstandingly strong values ​​(via

  • Upset already has 23 kills and 13 assists in 4 games at LoL Worlds 2022
  • He only died once

That means his KDA is 36 – that’s even better than that of midlaner Zeka from DRX, who is even more successful offensively with 29 kills and 22 assists, but has already died 2 times.

This is nothing new for Upset. The 22-year-old plays incredibly disciplined, takes few risks and has therefore repeatedly achieved the highest KDA in the last 2 years:

LoL: German professional is a man who doesn’t die – Towers over all other players worldwide

Fnatic loses to young Brazilians – they celebrate every good action in the game

This is the bad news for Upset: His team Fnatic conceded the first defeat and against a team from a “small region”.

Ironically, against the Brazilians from LOUD, Fnatic lost significantly, although Upset managed not to even die in the game. Upset pulled out whenever things were going badly for his team, and they often did.

Why did you lose? Team composition just didn’t work for Fnatic, then individual mistakes followed:

  • Top laner Wunder picked Fiora, couldn’t do anything with it
  • Supporter Hylissang has been a victim again and again – the Bulgarian has been criticized for years for actually playing well, but repeatedly having catastrophic matches
  • Midlaner Humanoid has a kind of hero complex: he plays high risk. When things are going well, he looks like a star. But in the match against LOUD, he took too many risks and ultimately put his team behind.

The fans judged that Fnatic’s draft seemed “arrogant”, as if you didn’t take your opponent first. The casters said: The draft looked like you had mixed 2 different ideas – the choice of supporter in particular was criticized.

Fans on Twitter even explicitly demand that Hylissang be replaced and the replacement supporter brought back: Rhauck had played the first 2 matches without dying.

That was special. The Brazilian underdogs played with passion and passion.

When they got plays, they roared their joy.

The young botlaner of LOUD”, Brance”; even had “Bot Gap” written on his biceps and showed it proudly when he succeeded in an action.

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At Fnatic they joke after the defeat. “Okay, who told you that Upset is German” – a reference to the fact that the Brazilians could have taken revenge for the 7-1 semi-finals of the 2014 World Cup.

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Worlds had started so well for Upset:

LoL: German pro Upset finally plays his 1st Worlds despite Covid – gets the penta kill, dominates day 1