King’s Quest 4 – The Perils of Rosella: Fan Releases VGA Talkie Patch – News

King's Quest 4 - The Perils of Rosella: Fan Releases VGA Talkie Patch - News

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Hobby projects based on Sierra’s classic adventure King’s Quest 4 – The Perils of Rosella there have been a few over the years (to the user article). Most were never released, though, with a nice exception being the point-and-click variant of what was originally a keyboard-based original, titled King’s Quest 4 – The Perils of Rosella Retold (to the news) from the year 2021.

Unfortunately, the other projects never made it across the finish line. In recent months, therefore, Sierra fan took Jerzy Grzechnik reserve the right to create and publish their own version from the material collected from these projects. For this he used the works of Westend Games, Magic Mirror Games, Sponge Factory Games, Infamous Adventures, Unicorn Talesto the Reddit user Lorenz_fk and the Youtube user Andrep99. When he became aware of the ScummVMX interpreter, which allows users to easily swap out the assets in the original games, he decided to take the material from 20 years of work from the fan remakes, add his own voice acting, and make a patch out of it to put together. You can now use this under the name King’s Quest 4 VGA Talkie Unofficial Patch download it from the YouTube video linked below. There you can also learn more about the history of its origin. As expected, however, the mixture of fan graphics is not consistent and of the same quality.

Since this is not, strictly speaking, a remake, you absolutely need the original version of King’s Quest 4 (I used the Steamvariant tested), the “Extras” folder with the new assets and the interpreter ScummVMX. You can find out how you put the parts together into a whole in the source.

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