Five Nights at Freddy’s: Director found, start of production is set – News

Five Nights at Freddy's: Director found, start of production is set - News

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It’s been a few years since Blumhouse Productions acquired the rights to the film adaptation of the survival horror adventure Five Nights at Freddy’s acquired and reported to GamersGlobal. Now the project, which has been in development for a long time, is moving forward again, because the film studio has officially announced that the still relatively unknown Emma Tammie has been signed to direct the upcoming live-action horror thriller, which is currently slated to start production in early 2023.

The upcoming flick will be based on the popular horror video game by Scott Cawthon based who co-wrote the screenplay with Tammi and Seth Cuddeback writes. The project is currently in pre-production, with well-known Jim Henson’s Creature Shop also collaborating with Blumhouse to bring the chilling animatronics to life.

In the original game Five Nights at Freddy’s, players must survive five nights as a security guard at a crazy pizza restaurant where murderous, possessed animatronics roam the aisles in search of their next victims.

If you don’t know the game yet, you can get a first impression from the following game trailer.

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