Cosplay of Bela from Resident Evil 8 gets in the mood for Halloween

Jinx from Arcane's latest cosplay has Piltover shaking.

This year’s Halloween festival is approaching with big strides and is already casting its shadows ahead. the cosplay community appears to be already in a creepy mood and is posting more and more photos of these days spooky disguises. Incidentally, this also includes the German artist “Shapeshiftaer”who chose a template from the survival horror game Resident Evil 8. We don’t want to withhold the result from you.

Scary-beautiful Bela cosplay

Of the German cosplayers is a big fan of horror games in general, including his disguise as a hooded nurse from Silent Hill proved some time ago. But also that Resident Evil series he doesn’t seem averse. He now provides the best example of this in the form of a picture from his recent cosplay. Accordingly, he has put himself in a costume worth seeing Bela Dimitrescu thrown together with their family members in Resident Evil 8 for known Fear and Loathing cares.

The cosplay turned out to be fantastic for a number of reasons. On the one hand, this is of course due to the actual costume that the artist wears in numerous hours of work has tailored himself and comes up with many details. Also the bloodstained sickle and other accessories he considered for this work. Added to that as well elaborate like creepy makeup, which rounds off the grandiose overall impression of the cosplay. Even the gloomy background for the photo shoot is very well chosen.

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