Editorial 9/2022 – News | GamersGlobal.de

Editorial 9/2022 - News |  GamersGlobal.de

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In this editorial, it might be worth taking a look for PREMIUM LOTS that are new / have been for a long time / have always been.

First of all, a note on current events: We lost a lot of premium subscriptions in the last quarter, more than ever before in a quarter. Since I don’t know that we have delivered less content or that our quality has deteriorated, the suspicion arises that there must be external reasons for this. You get a hint of what that might be whenever you open the internet, leaf through the TV or even surf the newspaper. Completely understandable that almost everyone looks at the money and questions their spending. You can’t heat up the living room with a gaming website, that’s for sure.

It’s just that: We’re currently missing a four-digit amount every month compared to the first half of the year – we’re already living on the additional income from Japan. If this trend continues, at some point it will no longer make sense to continue operating GamersGlobal. Especially since we simply don’t earn any more money with the numerous free content. If you care about GamersGlobal, no matter what, you might want to reconsider your decision not to have a premium subscription. And not only when it gets warmer again.

Or not – but then please don’t be sad if our money leak gets too big and at some point we can no longer pass any content through. And, surprise, suddenly there is no longer a community here. In contrast to other actors, that would not be an excuse or sabotage, but simply the unpleasant reality that means: nothing going on without moss. End of the cry for help. But you, dear users, for whom the text has not already turned gray, support us – and of course it should stay that way. We work hard for this. And for you now follows the actual September editorial!

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You can also check out several other premium content for free: every month we update our premium samples with complete content from the previous month. In the following we list our subscription variants, you can also take out a subscription directly here.




Premium subscription


Premium gold

Monthly price with annual payment

Fair play*

Fair play*



Monthly price regular



* Fair play principle: Please leave your adblocker on GamersGlobal if you use it for free.

** An expired Diamond subscription becomes a free Platinum month, a Platinum subscription becomes a Gold month, a Gold subscription becomes a Premium month (if the respective subscription consisted of at least 3 paid months).