FIFA 23: Rulebreakers Team 1 is live – Bringing strong cards for Ronaldo, Piqué & Dzeko

FIFA 23: Rulebreakers Team 1 is live – Bringing strong cards for Ronaldo, Piqué & Dzeko

The Rulebreakers event has started in FIFA 23. We’ll show you what’s in the event and what new special cards are available.

When does Rulebreakers start? The new FUT event started on Friday October 14th at 19:00. It has thus replaced the RTTK event, which published dynamic maps related to real football.

What are Rulebreakers cards anyway? We already know the “Rulebreakers” from FIFA 21 and FIFA 22. The motto of the event are new special cards whose values ​​are re-rolled, so to speak. So it’s not uncommon for some cards to take downgrades in certain areas only to become much stronger in other stats.

For example, last year there was a Haaland card that had a slightly weaker shot, but got boosts to pace, dribbling, passing and physique.

We’ll show you the crazy changes this time.

Rulebreakers Team 1 – Featuring Ronaldo, Pique, Dzeko and Bonucci

This is the Rulebreakers Team 1: There are some really strong cards in the first Rulebreakers team. So Cristiano Ronaldo gets a new card, which reduces the shot minimally (-3 points), but is boosted in all other areas. The dribbling value is increased particularly strongly, from 85 to 90.

But the cards from Piqué (89) and Dzeko (88) are also impressive, because both players are treated to really fast variants with the Rulebreakers event.

There are also other great cards for Phillips (87), Bonucci (87), Fekir (87), Zaha (86), Godfrey (84) and Aurelio Buta. However, the cards should not be really cheap due to their strong values.

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The Complete Rulebreakers Team 1:

  • ST: Ronaldo (91)
  • IV: Spades (89)
  • ST: Dzeko (88)
  • ZDM: Phillips (87)
  • IV: Bonucci (87)
  • ZOOM: Fekir (87)
  • Extended Version: Zaha (86)
  • RV: Jesus Navas (86)
  • IV: Godfrey (84)
  • CM: Herrera (84)
  • LAV: Frankowski (83)
  • RM: Aurelio Buta (82)

What are your thoughts on the new Rulebreakers cards? are you going to get one? Feel free to tell us in the comments!

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