Overwatch 2: Hero balancing will not be available until Season 2

Overwatch 2: Blizzard gives gifts for launch problems (1)

Anyone who hoped that various heroes in Overwatch 2 would be strengthened or weakened a little in the coming days will have to wait a little longer. Blizzard introduced in blog clear it to Start of Season 2 again balancing adjustments will give. Before that, the stats of all heroes in the shooter nothing changed – no matter what the win rate looks like at the moment. The team is straight though satisfiedhow the situation develops.

Several adjustments planned for Season 2

Instead of bringing smaller balancing updates at shorter intervals, Blizzard wants to make several changes directly for Season 2. With that, every single season should also have a own identity are given. At the moment the Victory rate of all heroes from Overwatch 2 between 45% and 55%. The Player skill level affect the rate. Some details were even shared with fans.

These Overwatch heroes are going strong right now

The tank heroes currently have Reinhardt, Sigma and Zarya with a win rate of 53% at the top. As for the DPS characters, Genji will be included 52% Win rate mentioned in blog. In the support area, newcomer Kiriko has improved significantly over the past few days. The win rate at the start was still 48%. Now players are slowly getting the hang of it and catapulting their win rate up 52%. She also survives longer than other support heroes on average.

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