Rings of Power: Is the Stranger Gandalf, Saruman, Radagast, or a Blue Wizard?

spoiler alert

The grand finale is here. The good and the bad in “The Rings of Power” have revealed themselves. When it comes to evil, we know exactly what we’re dealing with—that good speculation remains open.

We tell you here what speaks for the individual possibilities and what we can rule out.

The stranger who fell from the sky was just like half border an important part of the season finale. So far, the guesses of the fans have grown around whether the stranger Sauron or one of the Istari could be? Based on current events, we can rule out that it is Sauron.

His missing memory about his origins fits well with the way Tolkien describes the first arrival of wizards in the mortal-lands. Like newbornsfor whom everything feels like they are doing it for the first time due to the limitations of their physical shells.

The Stranger: One Istari – many possibilities

Actually, in the original story, the wizards do not appear in Middle-earth until the third age. In a background story from the estate but it was reported by Tolkien that the two blue wizard reached the continent as early as the second age.

For the other possible Istari speaks that the makers also otherwise in the series slightly distort the time frame. The stranger whispering spells to insects could be a sign that it’s about Radagastthe animal-loving wizard is acting.

However, most people find the theory that the stranger Gandalf is. Gandalf is one of the most iconic characters from The Lord of the Rings and would make the perfect antagonist to Sauron. Fittingly, the stranger just like Gandalf a friend of the hobbits is.

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A good Saruman?

In the last episode, the stranger is attacked by the mystics mistaken for Sauron. When his friend Nori hands him the scepter of the leader of the mystics, the stranger realizes that he is not Sauron and destroys the mystics saying: “I am good!”

Also Saruman was good in its roots. Perhaps in future seasons we will learn the origin story of Saruman and his slow fall towards Betrayal of Gandalf and the free peoples of middle-earth.

Another possibility could be that the creators of The Rings of Power enter a whole new territory and a new Istari imagine who was not previously part of Lord of the Rings canons.

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As to the end of the episode Nori and the magician open to determine its exact origins, we can probably refer to the in the future revelation of his identity be happy. But first we have to wait for the next season.