Ron Bielecki on his withdrawal: “Feeling like racing heart”

YouTuber Ron Bielecki at his birthday party in Mykonos while detonating a tornado.

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Of: Alexander Schulz

No alcohol, no cigarettes, no IQOS: The 24-year-old twitch streamer and scandal YouTuber Ron Bielecki has been sober for two weeks – this is what the tornado idol is doing

Barcelona – It’s been a tough year for Ron Bielecki and his liver: way too much alcohol. The former fitness influencer and YouTube colleague Inscope21 squandered almost 30,000 euros on champagne on New Year’s Eve. But it wasn’t easy for his community either to watch the party animal in his antics: After he published several videos of his summer excesses on YouTube in September, the reactions of his followers were mixed. Many of his fans now wish the former fitness idol to finally get away from alcohol.

Ron Bielecki
Aug. 24, 1998
532,000 (as of October 2022)
656,000 (as of October 2022)

Ron Bielecki: “I can also take a step back”

In the summer of 2022, even other YouTube stars began to distance themselves from Ron and his outbursts. It didn’t help, the party streamer just kept going. But this time the message seems to have finally arrived: on September 28, he reports that even his father is now angry with him, which is why he wants to “stop drinking!” – at least in October.

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So the YouTuber went to Barcelona with some colleagues for a “Sober-October” where a strict program awaited him: Sport, more sport, not a drop of alcohol and not even nicotine, which initially almost made the substance disciple Ron give up . Now Ron draws a first balance that he can “sometimes take a step shorter“.

You won’t see him like this in the near future: Ron Bielecki and his notorious tornado (archive photo). © YouTube: Ron Bielecki

No fags for Ron Bielecki: “It was really difficult for me”

Ron stayed strong and can already laugh again. In his latest withdrawal video, he also emphasizes how hard the first few days were for him: “It was really hard for me”. Recently, Ron has also given up caffeine, which he continued to consume excessively in the form of energy drinks and cola during rehab. His withdrawal symptoms – or his caffeine consumption – would have given him circulatory problems: “I felt like my heart was racing“.

As a result, Ron has only been drinking decaffeinated Coke since then and seems to have settled into his new role as a refined straight-edge influencer. For his part, he now gives his community tips for a sober life: group dynamics are his secret recipe, especially when it comes to giving up cigarettes and doing sports again.

Ron Bielecki: New statement after alcohol freak -
Ron Bielecki: Does he do a 180 degree turn and stay sober? (Archive image) © Imago/Instagram: Ron Bielecki

Finally heavy weights again: Ron gives his all in fitness

In the past few months, former Instagram Hercules Ron Bielecki had been doing less and less sport – he was “little to no motivation” been: “There was the lifestyle between‘ he admits guiltily. Now he is showing his self-confidence again on Instagram, where you can admire his training progress. He lifts an impressive 47 kg of dumbbells seemingly effortlessly – it is to be hoped that things will continue to go uphill for him.

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Ron Bielecki: “Health is very important”

Even after Sober-October, streamer and YouTuber Ron Bielecki would like to maintain his “stable form” and apparently drink little to no alcohol: “Health is very important“. Contrary to previous assumptions, the YouTuber would like to stay sober at least at the Venus erotic fair (October 20 – October 23, 2022 in Berlin), whether he might also meet his colleague MontanaBlack remains open for now. But there will be no alcohol: you will “at most with a Coke Zero‘ and be able to watch him ‘Extra sessions of cardio“ pushes. It remains to be seen whether YouTube drunkard Ron Bielecki will really stand his ground: his liver would thank him.