MontanaBlack Fed Up With Pushy Fans: ‘People Are Getting Disrespectful’

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Of: Josh Grossman

MontanaBlack was followed by pushy fans to his grandparents’ house. The streamer tells about the dark side in public.

Buxtehude – MontanaBlack is known as a sore thumb. With currently 4.7 million followers on Twitch and many more who know his name, the streamer has achieved true celebrity status. However, its success is a double-edged sword. “People are becoming more and more disrespectful‘ MontanaBlack bleated on Twitch, reporting on fans waiting outside his grandparents’ house after seeing a post on his Instagram story. The Twitch star wants more privacy.

Full name Marcel Thomas Andreas Eris
Known as MontanaBlack
birthday March 02, 1988
Place of birth Buxtehude
Subscribers on YouTube 2,910,000 (as of October 2022)
Followers on Twitch 4,700,000 (as of October 2022)

MontanaBlack on his success – Does the streamer regret being in the public eye?

What happened? On Twitch, MontanaBlack is asked if he regrets being in the public eye. The complex topic seems to keep the successful Twitch streamer busy – he has a lot to say. “It’s just too late to ‘regret’‘ explains MontanaBlack: ‘Even if I regret it […] the train would have already left to undo it“.

MontanaBlack: Fans are waiting in front of his grandparents’ house: “People are becoming more and more disrespectful” © dpa: Philipp Schulze / Unsplash (Montage)

The streamer does the math: With 4.7 million followers on Twitch, his platform with the widest reach, and a good 80 million residents in Germany, he estimates that every 16th person in Germany must know him by now. His fans disagree and think that it is probably even one in five. MontanaBlack tries to drive its fans out of the stream and lure them out into the fresh air.

“It’s enough for a handful of people who want to make your life hell.”

Does he regret being in the public eye? MontanaBlack has a clear answer to this question: no. If he were to start again with the knowledge that he would eventually have over 4 million followers, he would have done everything exactly the same way. “Of course there are many situations where you don’t want to be recognized, but of course you don’t have that choice.But as its success grows, MontanaBlack notes a worrying development: “People are becoming more and more disrespectful.

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MontanaBlack Wants More Privacy – Insta Story Attracts Unpleasant Fans

This is what happened now: As part of his discussion of success, MontanaBlack gives a recent example of behavior that bothers him. During a visit to his grandparents, he showed himself in his story on Instagram and shared a photo of the stew that his grandma had cooked. Knowing that MontanaBlack can be found in Buxtehude, two fans set out to take a photo with their favorite streamer. If you want to listen to the whole story, you can Stream segment on Twitch look at.

When MontanaBlack left his grandparents’ house, he could already tell by the body language what the two fans were up to. It was also immediately clear to the streamer that the two were not close. Although he still took a photo with the two, he still finds the situation “incorrect“.

“It’s not drama now, but nonetheless it’s something I do again […] private sphere-technically incorrect.”

Fans classify MontanaBlack as “dear” and “harmless‘ but it bothers him nonetheless. “Waiting for opportunity sucks” writes a fan in the Twitch chat. The streamer couldn’t have put it any better. MontanaBlack hired a lawyer after his home address was leaked. The Twitch star tells his fans that he wants more privacy and it bothers him that he will probably have to post such Instagram stories at a later date in the future.