“Smash” is the word for young people in 2022 – the makers find that bottomless

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Of: Josh Grossman

“Smash” is the youth word of the year 2022. With 43 percent of the votes, it outperforms “doers” and “bottomless” in the final voting. These are the twitter reactions.

Hamburg – The vote on the youth word 2022 has been completed. Langenscheidt Verlag announced the winner on the morning of October 25: “smash”. EliasN97 will probably be less happy about it – the Twitch streamer coined the term “doer”, which was thrown out in the final decision. There are also annoyed users on Twitter who find “smash” too cringe. That’s behind the Jugendwart 2022 and this is what the first reactions look like.

Full name Elias Nerlich
Known as EliasN97 or Eligella
birthday December 10, 1997
Place of birth Berlin
Followers on YouTube 1,070,000 (as of October 2022)
Followers on Twitch 1,300,000 (as of October 2022)

Youth Word 2022: “Smash” wins – That’s what the term says

What does “smash” mean? The winner of the 2022 Youth Word of the Year poll is “smash”. The word means something like “having sex” or “starting something with someone”. It is most commonly used as the verb “smash” and was coined by the mobile game Smash or Pass. Similar to Tinder, players can swipe the pictures of celebrities left or right – depending on whether they would smash or pass. As an expression “lemme smash” (“let me smash”), the word was also used earlier. We have included a re-upload of the well-known YouTube video with the birds at this point.

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The direct translation from English reveals that “to smash” means “to smash” or “to smash”. As a noun, it means “blow” or “collision.” However, the suggestive intention only becomes clear in the context of youth slang – “smash” would be comparable to the German term “ballern”.

Youth word 2022: “Maker” and “bottomless” were favorites – “Smash” wins

This is what Twitter says: The mood for “smash” as a youth word 2022 does not seem to be particularly good – but that applies to pretty much all youth words. Although the term received 43 percent of the votes in the final voting, many would have preferred “doers” or “bottomless” as the winner. “This is so embarrassing” and “I find it kinda cringe‘ seem to be the general consensus on ‘smash’ as ​​a youth word in 2022. However, there are also some happy Twitter users who are most comfortable with the word.

Youth word 2022: “Smash” wins – makers find it bottomless © Langenscheidt (Montage)

The fans of the streamer EliasN97 in particular will probably be annoyed by the youth word 2022. EliasN97 shaped the choice of the youth word 2022 and was even able to promote his term “doer” to the top 3. Just like Papaplatte’s youth word, it wasn’t enough for first place. Maybe in 2023 the time has come and a streamer term will make it to the top of the voting for the youth word. Perhaps MckyTV’s fracture challenges will offer new material.

A number of memes about the youth word 2022 are doing the rounds. Ironic connections to phrases like “smash the system,” the 1994 song “Smash” by The Offspring, and the classic video game Super Smash Bros. are going viral on Twitter. This continues the general creed of Langenscheidt-Verlag’s youthful words: the main thing is to use them incorrectly.

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