Unusual action in Vietnam: graphics cards are sold by the kilo

Unusual action in Vietnam: graphics cards are sold by the kilo

from Valentin Sattler
A video from Vietnam shows a scene that is probably not meant to be taken seriously: A street vendor offers graphics cards there. As with a greengrocer, the price is based on the weight.

After AMD and Nvidia presented their first RTX 3000 and RX 6000 graphics cards in September 2020, gamers quickly became disillusioned: for many months, the graphics cards were hardly available and only available at inflated prices. The background was a high demand from players – keyword lockdown – and cryptominers. A real relaxation of the situation was a long time coming, but by mid-2022 at the latest the situation was finally looking better: the mining crash came. Between April and June, Ethereum price fell to a third of its value and since then it has barely recovered.

Graphics cards abound

For miners, mining became quite unattractive, so that the demand for graphics cards collapsed and many mining farms were closed. Accordingly, there was an oversupply of used graphics cards, which also weighed on the market for new models. For players, this has recently brought prices down, while mining farms are faced with a problem: where to put all the graphics cards?

A funny solution to this problem is currently shown in a Facebook video from Vietnam: In a scene that is probably not meant to be taken seriously, you can see a dealer selling his graphics cards on the street. They lie unpackaged and stacked in boxes or directly on the carpet, so that passers-by can examine their goods directly.

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Not only the performance, but also the pricing is reminiscent of a greengrocer – because the graphics cards are not sold per piece, but by the kilo. The video shows that the graphics cards are weighed after the customer has selected them before payment is made. The models are then packed in the classic way in a plastic bag and sent on their way to the customer’s PC.

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It is questionable whether the graphics cards would still work perfectly after being stored in the open air and on a dirty carpet. The idea of ​​selling graphics cards like vegetables is unlikely to catch on. It’s a pity really – after all, you might be able to get one or two bargains that way. And our graphics card guru Raff would have to include a performance-per-weight chart in the tests in the future.

Source: Tom’s hardware