Head of LoL MMORPG gives first big interview about the game – talks about monetization

Head of LoL MMORPG gives first big interview about the game - talks about monetization

Greg “Ghostcrawler” Street is the boss of the new League of Legends MMORPG. Now he has given the YouTuber KanonXO an interview in which he talks about the new game for two hours. So far there is only a short teaser, but it already contains some interesting information.

What does Ghostcrawler reveal about the LoL MMORPG? In the short excerpt, the boss mainly talks about monetization and funding within Riot Games.

  • The new LoL MMORPG shouldn’t be Pay2Win and shouldn’t offer a Pay2PowerUp (probably meaning things like boosters).
  • Ghostcrawler and his team did the math and are sure that the LoL MMORPG would also work as Free2Play with a cosmetic shop, just like LoL does. However, it is not yet clear whether the game will be Free2Play or will receive a subscription.
  • Free2Play would have the advantage that the MMORPG can appeal to more players. A subscription, in turn, brings constant and usually larger income. With Free2Play with a shop, however, it is important to maintain the balance between shop and new game content.
  • The budget at Riot Games is not a problem. If the LoL MMORPG should ever be discontinued, it will be because the game does not meet the quality criteria.
  • According to Ghostcrawler, MMORPGs, especially those with a focus on PvE, are the most expensive games of all.

KanonXO also asked why WoW and FFXIV are so much more successful than other MMORPGs. Ghostcrawler replied:

The bigger games are just better at catering to a wider audience. If you’re making an MMO and you’re like, “Hey, this MMO is PvP only,” you can probably imagine there being players who are like, “Well, I’m out, this isn’t for me.”

You can watch the excerpt from the interview here:

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When is the full interview coming? Only one teaser has been released so far, which is 12 minutes long. The full interview is due out this week. We at MeinMMO will look at the two hours and summarize important statements for you.

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The MMORPG should rely on raids and champions from LoL

What is known about the LoL MMORPG so far? Not that much yet. The game is in a very early stage of development. However, some details have already been revealed.

The focus in the endgame should be on dungeons and raids. There will also be PvP and League of Legends champions will play a role. However, you will not control them yourself and they will not simply be burned as raid bosses.

Overall, the LoL MMORPG should not please every player. Because the developers have a clear vision and will make decisions that not every player will agree with. Official screenshots and gameplay for the game are not yet available.

We have summarized everything known so far here: Everything we know about the new MMORPG for LoL in 2022.