Pregnant streamer loses her child after tragic accident

Twitchcon accident Adriana Chechik

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Of: Henrik Jansen

After her accident at Twitchcon, streamer Adriana Chechik appeared again in front of the camera and confessed that she had lost her unborn child.

San Diego, USA – At the beginning of October, Twitchcon took place once again in San Diego. At the event of the streaming platform, a wide variety of content creators come together and represent the bandwidth that Twitch has available. Streamer Adriana Chechik was also there and part of a live event. However, this ended in a tragic accident in which the Twitch streamer lost her unborn child.

Twitchcon: Impact on hard ground – Broken back and abortion are the consequences

The Twitchcon Accident: Streamer Adriana Chechik will not soon forget her stay at Twitchcon in San Diego. Her appearance at the Lenovo and Intel booth could hardly have been more painful. The exhibitors caused a stir at their stand with a pool of foam cubes. The participants of 7 vs. Wild could also suffer serious injuries.

When Adriana Chechik jumped into said pool, she found that there weren’t enough cubes in the pool to cushion her impact. Instead, the twitch streamer landed on the hard concrete. The consequences were devastating. So Chechik broke her back and, as it turned out, also lost her unborn child.

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Twitchcon: For the first time after an accident in front of the camera – this is how Adriana Chechik is doing

Twitch streamer loses child: On October 29th, almost a month after the accident at Twitchcon, Adriana Chechik showed her fans in the live stream for the first time. The streamer is doing well according to the circumstances. However, after her surgery, the 31-year-old still finds it difficult to walk or stand for long periods of time. The boxing show between Jaluce and Jounis Amiri, on the other hand, was hard to bear.

Twitchcon: Pregnant streamer loses her child after tragic accident © Twitch

The streamer thanked the medical team for their services and caused great sadness among their fans with a comment. “Besides, well, I don’t care if everyone knows now, I was pregnant. I didn’t know until I was taken to the hospital.” However, the unexpected pregnancy had to be terminated. “I am no longer pregnant due to the operation. I couldn’t keep it.” A number of condolences followed. It is to be hoped that the Twitch streamer will quickly recover from the psychological and physical consequences of the Twitchcon accident will recover.