Candidate Otto almost breaks off – episode 1 was on the brink

Ottogerd Karasch complains of severe pain in 7 vs. Wild

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Of: Aileen Udovenko

The second season of 7 vs. Wild almost had to do without Otto as a participant. Severe pain plagued the real favorite of the show.

Panama City – One more sleep in a warm bed and recharge your batteries – that was the premise of the last night before the participants of 7 vs. Wild started in the jungle. But not all candidates seem to succeed, because Ottogerd Karasch doesn’t get any rest that night. The ex-soldier is actually considered a clear favorite of the show, but is now the first to express serious concerns about his participation.

title 7 vs Wild
episodes 16
producer Fritz Meineke
genre YouTube web series
format Survival challenge, bushcraft, wilderness
Subscribers on YouTube 2.14 million (as of November 2022)

7 vs. Wild: Otto stays sleepless – “I don’t feel ready to participate like this”

That happened: The second season of 7 vs. Wild starts in a few days on YouTube, but we are already getting exciting insights behind the scenes in the Behind the Scenes. In the last episode, we were able to follow the participants of 7 vs. Wild during their last 24 hours before the suspension. In addition to a lot of safety training, the candidates should of course also enjoy their last evening in civilisation. Unfortunately, for the survival expert Otto, that didn’t work at all.

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Otto is in severe pain: While the other participants snooze comfortably in the warm little bed, Otto complains about severe pain “I have unbelievable pain in my back and thighs”. In the middle of the night, the ex-soldier decides to work out the pain in the hotel gym. While this seems to have a temporary effect, Otto is beginning to question his participation in 7 vs. Wild.

Otto expresses concerns: Otto is clearly uncomfortable with his situation and is the first candidate on site to express serious concerns about his participation in 7 vs. Wild. “I’m not feeling very good about walking in here in pain like this and possibly messing up the show […] as stupid as it sounds, I don’t feel ready to take part in the island right now.”

7 vs. Wild: Otto Grits His Teeth – Does This Mean a Disadvantage in the Jungle?

Otto’s decision: Even with war paint and in full gear, Otto is still not sure whether he should really start the seven days in the jungle. “I’m just torn, right now. Does that make sense or doesn’t it make sense?” . In the end, Otto apparently decides to risk the experiment with the other participants. Because just a few hours later, all the candidates are sitting in the car on the way to the jungle.

7 vs. Wild: Early end for Otto? – Favorite goes into the jungle already battered © YouTube/DAVE

Disadvantage for Otto? Even if Otto clenches his teeth and thus proves his willpower, the ex-soldier starts the race at a huge disadvantage. Because not only the pain itself, but also his lack of sleep could have a negative impact on his time at 7 vs. Wild. Whether Otto might even have to leave the survival show earlier, we will probably only find out when the episodes officially start on Fritz Meinecke’s YouTube channel. The series founder also revealed that there will be no third season of 7 vs. Wild.

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