WoW Dragonflight: Ottuk dealer sells you two new mounts

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from Sarah Petzold
If you go to the Tuskarr in Iskaara in WoW Dragonflight, you can meet a very special dealer there. She sells you two Ottuk mounts, but doesn’t want gold or similar currency in return, but something completely different.

When we head to the Dragon Islands with WoW Dragonflight, we come into contact with the Tuskarr, a nomadic people that WoW veterans should still be familiar with from Northrend. The friendly walrus-like humanoids offer us, among other things, their goods for trading. A very special merchant awaits us in Iskaara – and she doesn’t want your gold.

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Trade Mounts for “Blingbling”

Because the dealer named Tattukiaka is not after a specific currency, but rather interested in jewelry that you can loot in the dungeons of Dragonflight. She offers you two different Ottuk mounts for purchase if you get different rings and necklaces for her.

The first mount, an Ivory Trader’s Ottuk, is obtained by bringing the following three rings to Tattukiaka:

If you loot the following two necklaces in the first raid of Dragonflight, Vault of Incarnations, you will get a gray colored Ottuk (Iskaara Trader’s Ottuk):