Trymacs Unveils “Kick on Ice” Event – MontanaBlack and EliasN97 are in attendance

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Of: Josh Grossman

The next mega event in the streaming area is coming up. Trymacs starts with “Kick auf Eis” and goes big with MontanaBlack and EliasN97.

Cologne – As one of the most successful streamers on Twitch, Trymacs always organizes big events. Together with his colleagues MontanaBlack, EliasN97 and Fritz Meinecke, “Kick auf Eis” is coming up in December, in which the internet stars dare to step onto the ice surface of the Lanxess Arena in Cologne wearing leg warmers and jerseys. We’ll tell you how to get tickets, where to see the Trymacs event and all other known information about “Kick auf Eis” here.

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Trymacs brings “Kick auf Eis” – start and tickets of the football event

When does Kick on Ice start? On November 2nd, Trymacs unveiled its next big event, which will feature a number of Twitch streamers and other internet stars. The football tournament will take place later this year, appropriate to the icy season. Here is the start for “Kick on Ice” by Trymacs.

  • December 29, 2022 – 2:00 p.m

Where can you watch Kick on Ice? All fans of the German streamers can watch “Kick auf Eis” live in the stadium or at home in front of their home screens. You can already buy tickets for the Trymacs event at Eventim. If the journey to the Lanxess Arena in Cologne or the ticket itself is too expensive for you, you also have the option of tuning in to Joyn and watching for free. Here you can see the Trymacs Twitter announcement with all the details.

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What is “Kick on Ice” anyway? How exactly the event works has not yet been revealed by Trymacs. But you can imagine the most important part – with “Kick auf Eis” the influencers will probably be standing on the ice with bowling shoes and playing a few games of soccer. There should be a total of 15 games including the first and second half of the group phase.

Trymacs: “Kick auf Eis” starts in December – These internet stars will be there

Who’s in? In its official announcement, Trymacs mentions three team captains so far. MontanaBlack, EliasN97, and Fritz Meinecke. Certainly there will also be a number of streamers and internet personalities walking around on site, so that you can expect a large amount of content between Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

Trymacs Shows Next Streamer Event – “Kick auf Eis” with MontanaBlack and EliasN97 © Instagram: Trymacs/Joyn/Unsplash (Monatge)

These are the reactions: The first comments on “Kick auf Eis” look relatively sober. The fans are annoyed that the event will once again be broadcast on Joyn and not on Twitch. Trymacs complained about new salaries from Twitch and complained that the streaming platform only rarely and small amounts of financial support to such projects. Therefore, MontanaBlack is considering leaving Twitch and selling itself to the highest bidder.

However, there are also many fans and other influencers in the comments who are looking forward to “Kick auf Eis”. “It’s gonna be so goddamn funny‘ writes one hyped fan. They call Trymacs the ‘Stefan Raab of the streamer scene‘ and provide content suggestions for streamer high diving and auto soccer.

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