7 vs. Wild confronts us with a grim truth

7 vs. Wild confronts us with a grim truth

In the third episode of Making of series around the second season of 7th vs Wild we learn how the makers struggled in advance to find a suitable island. Seven islands were shortlisted, of which only one met the final requirements.

But also on the apparent dream island When first scouting out possible landing spots for the candidates, the crew was given a ugly reality confronted.

The long arm of pollution

If we take pictures of lonely islands in films and series see, then we usually get one beautiful ideal presented with unspoilt nature, sparkling beaches and vibrant wildlife.

Also in the third making-of episode, the first shots look like The paradise: Deserted bays with small waterfalls and coconut trees. But the Unfortunately, the reality is different. The landing spots have plenty of other resources besides coconuts and fresh water. garbage.

That our oceans strong with that plastic problem struggling in our society should be new to very few. But the recordings of the “7 vs. Wild” makers reveal how far this problem itself into the untapped areas of our world.

By 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean?

According to current forecasts could we expect that in the future. Which is more than a small problem as it is now sharp declines in fish stocks take place through overfishing and that ecosystem of the seas by the hard-to-decompose waste permanently damaged becomes.

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To counteract this, organizations such as The Ocean Cleanup founded. They work on possible concepts and practical solutions to our To rid the oceans of the plastic flotsam in the seas.

In July 2022, “The Ocean Cleanup” was already close Remove 1.5 million kilograms of plastic waste.

We hope that 7 vs. Wild will solve the problem of ocean pollution in addition to its entertainment value more attention procures and helps projects like “The Ocean Cleanup” to gain momentum.

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