DokeV: open-world collectible game isn’t coming until 2024, Crimson Desert in 2023

DokeV: open-world collectible game isn't coming until 2024, Crimson Desert in 2023

from Michael Miskulin
The open-world creature collecting game DokeV from the Korean development studio Pearl Abyss will not get into the hands of players any time soon. Because the title will be delayed beyond next year.

The Korean development studio Pearl Abyss showed a new trailer for their open-world creature collection title DokeV as part of the Opening Night Live of Gamescom 2021. At that time, in addition to the extraordinary graphic style, the fights with the creatures could also attract attention. Now DokeV is delayed beyond next year. Crimson Desert, another title from the studio, is slated for release in the second half of 2023.

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DokeV: Significant number of core developers lost

In its Q3 2022 financial report, Pearl Abyss revealed that DokeV will be postponed (via Eurogamer). DokeV won’t be out until after next year, while Crimson Desert is slated to launch in the second half of 2023. MassivelyOP reported on rumors that DokeV lost a “significant number” of core developers. In a telephone conference Pearl Abyss announced that the loss of developers was due to the termination of the internship program.

DokeV: Extremely successful Gamescom trailer with gameplay

CEO Heo Jin-young also stated, “DokeV will be developed together with Crimson Desert to fulfill our internal development plan. However, as our core development team dives into the development of Crimson Desert this year, we will do our best for DokeV. We will continue to do more Announce information as soon as it is ready.” The Korean company had already announced a delay for Crimson Desert last year. This title represents a single player hack and slash game set in the Black Desert universe.

Source: Eurogamer

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