God of War Ragnarok Boss Guide: How to Defeat Gulltoppr and Heimdall in Vanaheim (Solution)

God of War Ragnarok: Heimdall and Gulltoppr Boss Guide (Solution)

If you the campaign of God of War Ragnarok If you’ve played so far that you’ve already returned from the Skywolves in Vanaheim, you’re inevitably moving towards the storyline Boss Heimdal to who you guys on his Mount Gulltoppr will face and is not easy to defeat.

Since you must first defeat the god’s mount before Heimdall stands in your way, you need this one boss fight a lot of perseverance and patience. But don’t worry, because in this one solution we’ll tell you exactly how to crush these two opponents and get the trophy Well deserved punishment snaps.

God of War Ragnarök: How to defeat Gulltoppr in Vanaheim (Solution)

Before you can face Heimdall yourself, you have to be Kill the Gulltoppr mount. Fortunately, fighting both at once is much easier at the beginning than you would think, so you only need each other in terms of tactics stick to the basic rules. Which means, above all, to pay attention to the attack circles.

  • Bifrost bullets: While riding Gulltoppr, Heimdall likes to shoot Bifrost missiles at you. Be sure to dodge these attacks and keep an eye on Heimdall to see them coming.
  • Bifrost Blast: If you see that Heimdall is charging his mount with Bifrost, get to safety immediately, because a heavy shock wave will follow that deals high damage.
  • claw attacks: The boss Gulltoppr attacks you head-on with paws and claws. These attacks can be deflected and parried. A high stun damage shield comes in handy here.
  • headbutt: Gulltoppr wants to headbutt you, which is indicated by a blue double ring. React as usual with a shield slam.
  • charge attack: If the beast charges you head first, the red circle already indicates that you can neither parry nor block here. Dodges to the side or counters with an appropriate rune attack.
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The fight against Gulltoppr is otherwise not worth mentioning. However, during this argument, keep in mind that Kratos will nor defeat Heimdall must and the fight against this god drags on over two phasesso be careful against Gulltoppr and don’t waste all your aces up your sleeve on this beast.

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