God of War Ragnarök: All Frostflame Locations Guide

God of War Ragnarok Walkthrough with Tips - We'll walk you through the PS5 epic in our walkthrough.

Tips on where to find all Frostflames in God of War Ragnarök: We offer you a guide to the important upgrade items that you can use to level up Kratos’ Leviathan Axe. In total, Sony Santa Monica developers have hidden 8 frost flames in the PS5 and PlayStation 4 adventure. You usually get the first 5 upgrade materials during the main story. You place bosses or mini-bosses for this and then receive the item as loot. For the last 3 frost flames you throw yourself into optional tasks. Below these lines we provide you with an overview of all locations of the Frostflames. Go to Sindri and Brok to upgrade the ax with the Frost Flames. Also use our God of War Ragnarök walkthrough for tips on each level. We have already summarized how you can get one of the best armors in the game.

God of War Ragnarök – Find all 8 Frost Flames

We offer you an overview of all locations of the frost flames in the new PS5 adventure.

Frost Flame 1 – In Chapter 1, on the way to Tyr’s shrine in Wildwood Temple, you fight a boss fight against The Huntress. After a successful duel you will receive the items as loot.

Frostflame 2 – After Tyr, Kratos and Atreus visit Alfheim again, they are blocked by the boss Alva when leaving the area. Defeat him and claim the Frostflame.

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Frost Flame 3 – The fourth chapter is called “The reckoning”. After the boss fight against Nidhöggr you will receive the item as a reward.

Frostflame 4 – In Chapter 7 “Reunion” visit Helheim and kill the Hel Leaper at the entrance to the Fallen Shipyard. Then you collect the item.

Frostflame 5 – In Chapter 10 “The Summoning” you will find the boss Flame Phantom. Kill him and get the item.

Frostflame 6 – You close all 6 Hel Rifts in God of War Ragnarök (buy now €74.33 )to get the sixth flame. Two of the six cracks can be found during the main story. The other four rifts are in Alfheim (The Strönd), Midgard (Urd Well), Svartalfheim (Aurvangar Wetlands), and Vanaheim (The Southern Wilds).

Frostflame 7 – The slayer battles in God of War Ragnarök pack a punch. Go to the tombstone in the Alfheim Wasteland and defeat the enemy there.

Frostflame 8 – For the favor “For Vanaheim!” you visit the crater region of Vanaheim. Complete this quest and claim the item after defeating the Crimson Horror.