Shooter expert and Twitch star Shroud publishes his own PC – he can do that and that’s how he goes

Shooter expert and Twitch star Shroud publishes his own PC - he can do that and that's how he goes

Well-known Twitch streamer Shroud announced on November 18 that it has entered into a partnership with PC manufacturer MAINGEAR. With this announcement, Shroud also showed a limited high-end PC called MG1: Shroud Edition. MeinMMO provides you with all the information about this partnership and shows you what the new computer can do.

Twitch streamer and YouTube Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek is one of the most well-known gaming content creators. The Canadian is probably familiar to many through his former Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Valorant content. And in Overwatch 2, too, the “shooter god” knows how to impress.

Accordingly, Shroud’s November 18 announcement that he was with the US PC maker MAINGEAR a partnership has been entered into, to great (media) interest.

This announcement also showed that the streamer not only cooperates with the company, but is also a co-owner with immediate effect.

You can watch the announcement video of Shroud’s cooperation with MAINGEAR and his first signature PC here:

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In the announcement trailer of his first signature PC, the MG1, Shroud says the following:

I’ve tried my whole career to be the best. to become a champion. putting on a good show. Celebrating victories with my community. And above all, to stand out from the rest. This is the MG1, my first signature PC with MAINGEAR. A product of superb craftsmanship that ensures I will never be held back.

Twitter – shroudtranslated from English

This is Shroud and MAINGEAR’s MG1 Signature PC

Shroud and Maingear’s MG1 comes in five different price variants – Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Legendary and Ultimae. The different specs of the respective Signature PC depend on the costs – the more expensive the model, the better the built-in hardware.

These are the five models of the MG1:

The different models of the MG1.

The technical specs of the MG1

What hardware does the MG1 come with? Each of the five PCs is equipped with an NVIDIA GeForce RTX; the most expensive model “Ultimate” even with the recently released RTX 4090. This currently fastest graphics card is the latest flagship from NVIDIA and has an RRP of almost €2000. Depending on the game, it should offer twice as much performance as the manufacturer’s fastest graphics card to date, the RTX 3090 Ti.

The RTX 4090 graphics card is so fast that you can easily crack passwords in less than an hour

In addition, each of the five models comes with a fast SSD from Solidigm and a desktop processor from Intel.

Unfortunately, the Intel Core i5-12400F of the “Gold” entry-level model is a rather weaker CPU, while the mid-range model of the MG1 – Platinum – comes up with significantly more power with the Intel Core i5-13600k. The processor provides you with a very high gaming performance and good energy efficiency. You can get a detailed review of the Core i5-13600k read from the colleagues at GameStar.

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Of course, you can’t say anything about the processing of the MG1 from afar; However, the support and zero bloatware promises are positive.

Price-performance ratio

Is an MG1 worth the price? As with other pre-built edition PCs, the MG1 costs a bit more than if you bought the hardware separately.

For example, we arrive at a price of around €1200 for the individual parts of the gold model, which is a saving of almost €400. However, these costs do not include the housing or the RGB fan.

It is therefore difficult to say what the actual construction price is. A surcharge of 200 € is steep, but not a completely brazen deduction.

The comparison to the non-shroud models by MAINGEAR. These are almost identical, but sometimes more than 100 € cheaper. An example: the cheapest model has 500 GB less memory, but also costs almost €150 less than the shroud model.

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These are the reactions to the MG1

What does the network say about the announcement? As you might expect, the announcement of Shroud’s collaboration with MAINGEAR generated a veritable flood of reactions on Twitter, much of it ranging from positive to almost euphoric.

For example, the official NVIDIA GeForce Twitter account responded heartily to the streamer’s announcement:

Streamer colleague Hiko Shroud also congratulated on his new cooperation.

And the content creator “NRG Apryze” also showed his respect. On that occasion, the esports streamer ironically suggested that Shroud, with his insane pace, should run for president after all:

Nevertheless, there are also some voices that view the cooperation more critically. The price of the MG1 models in particular is the focus of these users. You can see a few examples here:

A very critical Twitter user, on the other hand, chose drastic words to clarify his view of things regarding the prices of Shroud’s signature model:

And another user even speaks – despite his love for Shroud – of an additional “Maingear tax”, which would explain the prices of the MG1 series.

So far, however, neither Shround nor MAINGEAR has taken a position on the points of criticism that have arisen from these users.

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What do you think about the cooperation? Do you think the price of Shroud’s signature PC is justified and are you considering buying one of the MG1 models yourself?

Write your opinion about it in the comments.