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Of: Omer Kayali

Many PlayStation fans still don’t have a console as it remains in limited supply. Will the PS5 be available to buy on Black Friday 2022?

the PlayStation 5 recently celebrated its second anniversary. But even two years after the market launch, Sony’s console is still not that easy to get – especially not on the shelves of consumer electronics stores, as it is currently mostly sold through online shops. There are several reasons for the PS5 shortage: On the one hand, there is still high demand, but also worldwide semiconductor shortage ensured that production and thus supply were not able to keep up for a long time. Many retailers have recently started their Black Friday deals. Can new contingents of the PS5 be expected during the campaign days?

Buy PS5 on Black Friday 2022? That’s the odds this year

Black Friday falls on November 25 this year. Technology products – including consoles, accessories and games – are particularly popular with customers. Gamers will therefore certainly find something that appeals to them – only things are looking rather bleak with the PS5.

Because Black Friday is all about discounts. The demand for the PlayStation 5 is itself at regular price high. Therefore, it would be pointless to offer them cheaper on Black Friday. Many PlayStation fans would even be willing to pay more for the console, which numerous resellers take advantage of and sometimes offer the PS5 for around 1,000 euros.

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All PS5 offers at a glance

Inquire at about the current PS5 availability. There you will receive updates week after week, day after day and increase your chances of getting hold of a PS5.

PS5 sale on Black Friday 2022 not entirely ruled out, but…

Of course, it could be the case that some providers receive and sell new contingents of the PS5 in the period before and after Black Friday. However, it’s unlikely – if it ever happens – that this will be called a Black Friday deal. In addition, new available consoles would lead to a big rush in the online shops. Overloaded servers and page crashes could be the result – and retailers want to avoid that at all costs in the week of the year with the highest sales.