Ticker on 21.11. – Good drop chances in Black Friday week?

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November has been a very strong month so far in terms of fresh PS5 supplies and there’s a good chance there will be drops this week as well.

Hamburg – November has proven to be very productive for PS5 hunters so far, we are experiencing one of the strongest months in recent times in terms of fresh console supplies from Sony. In addition, Black Week is now beginning and we are already heading straight for Black Friday – in other words: there are tons of bargains and big discounts at almost all relevant retailers, especially for technology and consumer electronics. How about the PS5? Are there lucrative promotions in prospect? Are the drop chances increasing? In addition to answers to these questions, you can find out here which retailers you should pay particular attention to today and in the new week, and you will always get the latest information on all relevant developments relating to the topic of “buying a PS5” in ticker format.

Console name PlayStation 5 (PS5)
Manufacturer Sony Interactive Entertainment (YOU)
Type Stationary game console
generation 09th console generation
storage medium Blu Ray, SSD
release November 19, 2020

Buy PS5 in November 2022: What’s up during Black Friday week?

First things first – Black Friday opportunities: Black Week has officially started today and Black Friday 2022, the highlight of this bargain week, and Cyber ​​Monday are fast approaching. Almost all well-known retailers are offering massive discounts on consumer electronics and more during this time. Many PS5 hunters are wondering: will there also be attractive offers for the PlayStation 5? And what about the availability of the coveted console during this period? Can we expect more drops during Black Week, Black Friday or Cyber ​​Monday?

However, we have to disappoint you here. In short: During Black Friday week, on Black Friday itself, but also on the following Cyber ​​Monday, you don’t need to expect deals or bargains for the PS5. The console is still not continuously available even 2 years after the release. It is more than unlikely that there will be any discount campaigns. Also with regard to availability, experience has shown that the chances should not increase during this period. If there were any drops at that time, they would have happened there anyway – regardless of Black Friday or Cyber ​​Monday.

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Buy PS5: Here you will find the latest information about PS5 supplies from all relevant retailers © Sony/Amazon/MediaMarkt/GameStop/Saturn/Müller/Expert

In general, however, there should still be a lot going on in terms of PS5 drops – both in the current month and in December. Because Sony had promised more PS5 supplies for the Christmas business, which is probably one of the reasons why November has been so strong so far. And currently it doesn’t look like Sony is going to take off its generous pants again.

With regard to accessory deals or discounts on games, things look very promising, and there is still a lot to do here. Last Friday, numerous retailers offered the DualSense controller for the PS5 in different colors at a real bargain price. The DualSense is still available at this price from some providers. You can find out more here: Buy PS5: DualSense Controller for €49.99 – mega offer started for Black Friday

Where was the last time you bought the PS5? The past week has had a lot to offer in terms of PS5 drops. Amazon, PlayStation Direct (for the 5th time this month!), ComputerUniverse, GameStop, MyToys, Euronics and Medimax, among others, have sold the PlayStation 5 online – some of them repeatedly.

Here is an overview of the last drops and current replenishment prospects of all relevant retailers:

  • PS5 location at MediaMarkt & Saturn –> Last PS5 drop on 11/04/2022 (both retailers, online): medium high Opportunities for online drops at MediaMarkt and Saturn, local pre-order campaign on November 12th. started
  • PS5 location on Amazon –> Last PS5 drop on 09.11.2022 at Amazon DE, on 16.11. in FR and IT, on 11/18 in UK: Medium-high chances of console replenishment
  • PS5 location at OTTO –> Last PS5 drop on 11/09/2022: Medium-high chances of console replenishment
  • PS5 situation at Müller –> Last PS5 drop on 11/09/2022: Medium-high chances of console replenishment
  • PS5 location at PlayStation Direct –> Last PS5 drop on 11/18/2022: High chances of console replenishment
  • PS5 location at Alternate –> Last PS5 drop on 11/10/2022: Medium-high chances of console replenishment
  • PS5 location at Euronics –> Last PS5 drop on 11/15/2022: Low chances of console replenishment
  • PS5 situation at Medimax –> Last PS5 drop on 11/14/2022: Low chances of console replenishment
  • PS5 situation at Kaufland –> Last PS5 drop on 08/29/2022: Low chances of console replenishment
  • PS5 location at GameStop –> Last PS5 drop on 11/16/2022: Medium-high odds for online drops, high chance for local campaigns in branches
  • PS5 location at MyToys –> Last PS5 drop on 11/16/2022: Low chances of console replenishment
  • PS5 situation at the game grotto –> last PS5 drop on 09/26/2022: High chances of console replenishment
  • PS5 situation at Voelkner –> Last PS5 drop on 10/28/2022: Medium-high chances of console replenishment
  • PS5 location at Expert –> Last PS5 drop on 01/05/2022 (local in store): Low chances of drops (Good chances for everyone who is on a waiting list in a market. Apparently those who are waiting are regularly supplied.)
  • PS5 situation at Conrad –> Last PS5 drop on 11/11/2022: Low chances of console replenishment
  • PS5 location at ComputerUniverse –> Last PS5 drop on 11/17/2022: Low chances of online drop
  • PS5 situation at Cyberport –> Last PS5 drop on 05/04/2022 (locally in the stores): Low chances of console replenishment

Which retailers are hot right now? Let’s talk about local supplies first. If you still want to grab a copy of the coveted PS5, you can be lucky in some local branches of MediaMarkt and Saturn. Although this local pre-order promotion started more than a week ago, reports say that there are still free pre-order quotas available in some places, especially if the market is located in a smaller town or in a more rural area. It’s best to just ask on the spot. Incidentally, the same applies to GameStop branches.

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With regard to online drops, the following currently applies: November is and will remain a very strong, productive month in terms of fresh console supplies from Sony. Finally, Sony has promised more PS5 consoles for the holiday season. At the moment, in principle, almost all relevant retailers could drop (again) at any time and without notice – not only the largest supply guarantors such as Amazon, OTTO, MediaMarkt or Saturn, but also small and medium-sized ones such as Smyths Toys, Müller, Spielegrotte, or Conrad.

So it’s worth staying vigilant and on the lookout for drops this week as well. Because there are still enough potential drop candidates given the current supply situation.

Here’s where you can get PS5 consoles right now: Some retailers currently have the PS5 in stock, the PlayStation 5 can be ordered directly from there. Here are all currently available offers: Buy PS5: All immediately available offers at a glance – situation on 21.11.

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Buy PS5: Tips and tricks for buying from MediaMarkt and Saturn

In this sense, something on our own behalf: For everyone who wants to buy a PS5 for Christmas, this means one thing above all: you have to be even faster. To support you in this, we keep you up to date with the latest push messages. To get them, you can activate the notifications in the browser directly via ingame.de. For push notifications via smartphone, get our app. So you never miss a PS5 drop again.

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