Elden Ring: Miyazaki wants to make “more interesting games” in the future

Elden Ring: Miyazaki wants to make "more interesting games" in the future

With the Game Awards only kicking off December 8th, the Golden Joysticks have just been awarded and the Ultimate Game of the Year winner comes as no surprise.

From Software’s open world milestone Elden Ring has claimed the crown, beating out the likes of God of War Ragnark and Horizon Forbidden West, who also face the RPG at the Game Awards. Hidetaka Miyazaki, head of the Japanese development studio From Software, also spoke about the future when accepting the award.

Elden Ring: A kudos to George RR Martin and a promise for the future

First of all, of course, Miyazaki would like to thank you for the honor of receiving this award and also thanks to all the fans who have played and supported Elden Ring. The studio boss also gave special thanks to Game of Thrones author George RR Martin, who created the “fantastic myth for the world of Elden Ring”.

Elden Ring would not have been possible without this myth, Miyazaki continues. In addition to a few emotional words for his team, without which this achievement would not have been possible, he then ventured a brief look into the future:

“As a final message to our players, it feels strange to say this when I’m getting such a prestigious award, but we fully intend to keep making more and more interesting games, so I hope you do too.” continued high expectations of us.”

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What’s next for From Software after Elden Ring?

Mastermind Miyazaki is still leaving us in the dark about more precise plans, but of course the rumor is brewing: fans are still waiting for a DLC for Elden Ring, for which a mysterious clue was found in the last patch, even if an official announcement has not yet taken place Has.

In any case, according to Miyazaki, the next game from From Software is already in the final phase and nearing completion. What this is about is of course still a secret – but a survey that appeared in January leads fans to assume that the development studio is working on a new Armored Core and thus on a revival of their Mecha series.