Here you can buy the popular Funko calendar

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Of: Joost Rademacher

Fortnite advent calendar: Here you can buy the popular Funko calendar © Epic Games (Montage)

If you still don’t have an advent calendar but like to play Fortnite, you now have the best solution: A Funko calendar with 24 Fortnite figures.

Hamburg – The year 2022 is fast approaching December, almost 90 percent of the year is now over. So it’s high time to start looking into an advent calendar. If you want to make the opening of the doors a little more exciting during Advent and maybe have a preference for Fortnite, you can now bring the right calendar home with you. shows what’s in Funko’s Fortnite advent calendar and where you can buy it.

The popular Funko POP figures are actually known as fist-sized males who can represent just about anything that has ever had a reputation in pop culture. For the new Fortnite advent calendar, Funko is shrinking its figures a little, but bringing them 24 pieces, all in the design of various popular skins and characters from the Battle Royale.

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