[PLUS] DLSS 3 vs. XeSS vs. FSR: Technology, image quality, latency and performance checked

[PLUS] DLSS 3 vs. XeSS vs. FSR: Technology, image quality, latency and performance checked

The idea of ​​increasing performance in games by means of upsampling, i.e. an internally reduced rendering resolution that is then scaled up to the selected display resolution, is not new. Upsampling in various forms, be it simple bilinear extrapolation, interlaced rendering or the checkerboarding used in particular by Playstation titles, has accompanied console gamers for many years. Since then, a fixed, native resolution has almost died out in the console world or is very rarely found. For years, PC purists wrinkled their noses at the “fake” 4K resolution on Xbox and Playstation. But the techniques used have changed, have become finer and of higher quality and, at least since Nvidia’s DLSS 2.x and the extreme requirements of ray tracing graphics, have also become indispensable on the PC.

upsampling battle

In fact, modern upsampling technologies are currently more popular than on the daddel boxes, where they are still used in a different form. The reason for this is, among other things, the strong use of the graphics card manufacturers, who expect a sales-promoting effect from these technologies. Above all, of course, Nvidia, which not only initiated the development of ray tracing in PC games, but also the first serious upsampling attempts with the proprietary DLSS. After the first attempt with DLSS 1.0, which still needs improvement, Nvidia’s clever upsampling has been extremely popular since DLSS 2.0 and the spatio-temporal image processing with AI support.

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