Competition for Destiny? Beta for new shooter Synced is coming soon

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In the hugely popular looter shooter Destiny, the player character is assisted by a small machine. But what if those same useful machines suddenly decided they were much better off on their own? This is exactly the question that the new “rogue looter shooter” Synced asks itself. In the near future, mankind has become downright dependent on nanotechnology. However, after a cataclysm known as the Collapse, these nanomachines turned against their creators. Among other things, they now devour humans in order to reproduce

A new star in the looter shooter sky?

As a player, you slip into the role of a runner, a courageous adventurer who searches for the valuable nano-energy substance Nerva. In teams of three players you compete in PvE and PvP battles to upgrade your character. Synced is said to be different from other genres as players can sync up with enemy nanomachines to turn them from enemies to allies. In addition, players can customize their Nano class – Crusher, Seer, Guardian, and Suppressor – through custom loadouts, unique talents, and powerful weapons and mods to suit their taste. This “rogue-lite influence” should make Synced stand out from the crowd.

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The promised content definitely sounds interesting, and the accompanying trailer also makes you look forward to it. Luckily, players don’t have to wait that long to try Synced for themselves. An open beta will take place from December 10th to January 15th, 2023, in which players will be able to experience the PvE and co-op gameplay of the game for the first time. The beta is completely free for PC players Steam or the Synced website available.