Gourdlets Coming Soon to Steam: Stress-Free City Builder Sandbox

Gourdlets Coming Soon to Steam: Stress-Free City Builder Sandbox

from Michael Miskulin
Do you love city builders and need a break from stressful affairs? Then Gourdlets on Steam might be something for you. The release is said to be “soon” according to the developers, but you can already try a small free demo of the relaxed City Builder sandbox in always creative mode.

In the city building game Gourdlets on Steam, the player can just start building and examine what he has built without goals and specifications, and watch how the small residents enjoy the city. While in other city building games challenges like a balanced budget, environmental pollution, resource management or survival aspects come to the fore, here with Gourdlets it stays nice and relaxed.

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Gourdlets: building without specifications

In Gourdlets on Steam, the player can just build in a loosely flaky pixelated look without worrying about traffic or logistics. Also, he doesn’t have to worry about the cost of a house or the bonuses it gets from adjacent properties. In Gourdlets you can just build a sandbox town. The city builder sandbox was developed by the solo developer Aunty Games. The pixel graphics are kept correspondingly simple but effectively cute. Gourdlets is therefore absolutely relaxing and still looks very cute.

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But the player does get some feedback. Every now and then as you build your own city, a small cable car stops and unloads tiny little two-legged plant people – the Gourdlets – who want to explore and enjoy the city. So they walk around, look at everything worth seeing and interact with the things that you have built. Gourdlets sit on benches, sizzle marshmallows around campfires, fish in ponds and water flowers. If you already like all of this, you can play the free demo directly in your browser.

Source: Steam