WoW Quick Tip: Scale Items – wait to collect some rewards

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from Sebastian Glanzer
Similar to Shadowlands with the world quest rewards, in WoW: Dragonflight many other rewards such as the weekly scale with your current item level. If you care about your item level, you will open special rewards that reward you with a piece of equipment, so later. Being patient might pay off.

As more players get into the WoW: Dragonflight endgame, they become more aware of the scaling of endgame items. Out of the box Treasures of Valdrakken (for the weekly quest “Support for the Agreement”), players sometimes received items with item level 363 and some items with item level 400+. How come? Rewards from chests, some rare mobs, or special events in the open world scale with your current item level. This was already the case in Shadowlands with the world quest rewards, which is also the case in Dragonflight, by the way.

If you have a “low item level” of 350, for example, you will also be assigned items with this item level. So it’s worth Treasures of Valdrakken and similar rewards via rare mobs and treasure chests on the Dragon Islands until you have a higher item level. Of course, this is more intended for minmaxers.